White Center Weather Watch: Advisory for possible on-off snow all day

January 15th, 2012 Tracy Posted in snow, Weather, White Center news 2 Comments »

(Thanks to Gill for the snow-on-glass-sphere view!)
Any at your house? The National Weather Service now has the area under a Winter Weather Advisory till 10 pm tonight – see it here, and stay safe! If the snow gets photogenic where you are, we always appreciate photos at whitecenternow@gmail.com.

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Seattle Times: Snow Response Driven by Politics

March 19th, 2009 Ricardo Posted in Government, Politics, safety, snow, Traffic, Transportation 1 Comment »

The Seattle Times is reporting that the road clearing during December’s snow storms was driven by political decisions rather than the clearing of critical arterials.

In previous storms, plow drivers had discretion over how best to clear their assigned routes, said plow driver Chris Stuker. City drivers would traverse main routes in tandem, allowing main roads to be cleared and plows to clear feeder streets as they were able to, Stuker and three other drivers said.

But that system was replaced by top-down decision-making that resulted in trucks being pulled from major streets for special assignments and to help less-experienced drivers, most of them working in the south end of the city, according to two drivers who asked to remain anonymous out of a concern for their jobs.

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White Center snow: Not supposed to last

January 27th, 2009 Tracy Posted in snow, Weather 1 Comment »

The roads are still OK but everything else has a coating of white. Forecasters continue to promise that this will only last a few hours, and then it’ll get rained away.

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White Center snow update: First Metro bus-route changes

January 4th, 2009 Tracy Posted in Metro, snow, Weather Comments Off

(54 bus in trouble earlier in West Seattle)
Metro has posted its first route changes here. Among them – 21 is not operating south of Roxbury right now.

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The “white stuff” falls in White Center, and environs, again

January 4th, 2009 Tracy Posted in snow, Weather, White Center news Comments Off

The official forecasts promise it won’t last. However, given the difficulty of accurately forecasting around here, and the track record from the recent Snowmare ’08, take whatever action you must. Perhaps also a good idea to keep in mind that wind is supposedly to follow. Latest forecast here.

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White Center weather alert: What to beware of, while it all melts

December 26th, 2008 Tracy Posted in King County, safety, snow, Weather Comments Off

From King County, more important words of warning – about your roof. And be sure any storm drains around your house are cleared, too – until this all melts away and we are back to “normal,” there’s still a chance of trouble.

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White Center snow: Wednesday info – closures, buses, more

December 24th, 2008 Tracy Posted in King County, Metro, snow, Weather, White Center news Comments Off

(Photo courtesy Jerry, taken at 14th SW and SW 116th)

KING COUNTY: Closures and changes updated here

METRO BUSES: Here’s today’s outlook

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White Center snow: Monday morning updates

December 22nd, 2008 Tracy Posted in King County, Metro, snow, Weather, White Center news Comments Off

(photo courtesy Alison – tend to your downspouts and storm drains when you can; eventually this will all melt)
Road/bus stories to share? Please add them in comments. Meantime, as of 4 am, Metro resumed updating its list of routes that are “suspended” and/or rerouted; see that (long) list here. Also, here’s the list of county road closures. Also note, Sound Transit has suspended 560 service between Burien and West Seattle; service alerts here.

9:41 AM UPDATE: If you have business to do in Burien, city hall is open limited hours today (more at rpin.org)

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White Center snow: County update, Sunday afternoon

December 21st, 2008 Tracy Posted in King County, snow, White Center news Comments Off

Just in from King County:

Fewer King County residents than expected are struggling with
weather-related impacts today as the overnight storm packed less of a
punch than forecast. The weather along with staffing and preparations by
King County departments and regional partners combined to help keep
people moving and safe overnight.

King County’s Department of Transportation sanding crews are working
around the clock to keep county roads clear in unincorporated areas.
They’ve deployed 27 trucks with a plow in front and sander on the back,
two plows, nine graders for pushing snow off roadways, and nine
anti-icer trucks.

Metro Transit is operating approximately half of its normal bus service
today. Riders should check the Metro Online website at
www.kingcounty.gov/metro to see if their bus route is operating and if
it is on snow routing; and note that travel conditions can change
quickly so the list of disrupted service may be revised at any time due
to weather and road conditions.

Metro is running Access vans on life-sustaining routes for established

Metro also helped keep thousands of cars off the roads today by running
its Seahawks shuttle service today to Qwest Field from Eastgate
Park-and-Ride in Bellevue, Northgate Park-and-Ride in North Seattle, and
the South Kirkland Park-and-Ride. Fans should expect crowded conditions
on the shuttles, and should give themselves plenty of time to get to the
game because the buses may be delayed by road and traffic conditions.

Public Health – Seattle & King County has conducted extensive outreach
on the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, including contacts with
over 200 retail locations including pharmacies, grocery stores, gas
stations, hardware stores, with many agreeing to post warning pictograms
in multiple languages in their facilities. In addition, over 200 health
care and community-based organizations received carbon monoxide
information for dissemination with their clients. The posters and other
information about carbon monoxide poisoning, including symptoms and
prevention tips, are available online (
King County has closed its Factoria Transfer Station in Bellevue and its
Cedar Falls Drop Box in North Bend indefinitely today. The county’s
Houghton Transfer Station in Kirkland was already closed.

All other solid waste transfer facilities are operating normally for
now, but could be closed early due to continuing severe winter weather
conditions. Customers should visit the King County Solid Waste Division
Web site for updates before getting on the road (

Considering the widespread snow and wind that pushed through the region,
relatively few residents are facing power outages and Puget Sound Energy
has been able to quickly restore most customers who lost power over the
last 24 hours. Roughly 50 PSE customers scattered throughout King County
are without power.

Although the winter storm warning for the Tacoma/Seattle/Everett Metro
Area has been cancelled, another weather system is expected to bring a
trace to two inches of snow around 2 pm today.

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White Center whiteout: Snow continues

December 20th, 2008 Tracy Posted in snow, Weather, White Center news 2 Comments »

Some info:

King County road reports can be found here — nothing listed in White Center as of this writing late Saturday night, but there is one in Boulevard Park.

Driving to the airport? A reader tells us Highway 509 is OK but Highway 518 is treacherous. More airport info here (the cell-phone lot is closed).

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Saturday update: THE SNOW IS BACK

December 20th, 2008 Tracy Posted in safety, snow, Weather, White Center news 1 Comment »

Just started falling. Info updates re: roads etc. as we get them, as it intensifies. Got pix/info? Leave comments and/or send to the White Center Now team at whitecenternow@gmail.com – thanks!

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White Center snow and ice: Friday morning update

December 19th, 2008 Tracy Posted in snow, Transportation, Weather, White Center news Comments Off

Note the “live” (refresh for the latest image) camera in the right sidebar – it’s the only one the county has in White Center; click it for a larger image. Metro has a long list of canceled/changed routes again today; find it here. Winter break has started for every school we know of.

8:46 AM UPDATE: Photo of Roxbury at 5th from Jon, who says: “Looking easy towards Myers Way. Plenty of cars going down the hill.”

Thanks – keep the arterial reports/photos coming at editor@westseattleblog.com Another report: “My hubby made it down the big hill from Roxbury to 509 this morning about 7:30. He said it was sanded like crazy and was passable.”

10:25 AM UPDATE: Lots of King County facility closures – here’s the full list.

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White Center snow: Thursday updates

December 18th, 2008 Tracy Posted in Schools, snow, Weather, White Center news Comments Off

The forecasters were finally right. No word of school changes yet, though (as of 5:25 am).

5:29 AM UPDATE: Seattle Public Schools are CLOSED for today.

5:40 AM UPDATE: Highline Public Schools are 1 hour late, “limited buses.” South Seattle Community College is starting at 10 am. We’ll keep checking for changes, which tend to happen if/as weather worsens.

5:57 AM UPDATE: Metro has updated its list of bus routes on “adverse weather” reroute. See it here.

6:16 AM UPDATE: Holy Family in White Center is closed today.

7:20 AM UPDATE: Shorewood Christian School will be open at 10:30 am.

7:42 AM UPDATE: Per scanner, SW 100th in 4th SW area “impassable.”

7:59 AM UPDATE: Shorewood Christian School changed status to CLOSED.

8:25 AM UPDATE: Myers Way is closed.

8:45 AM UPDATE: Highline Public Schools has changed its plan:

All elementary schools will be closed today due to snow. Because of developing weather conditions and late notice, middle schools and high schools will remain open.

10:55 AM UPDATE: Olson closed too.

11:56 AM UPDATE:
Highline Public Schools changed its status again:

Due to worsening weather conditions, we will dismiss secondary students early today.

* Buses will pick up students at Puget Sound Skills Center at 11:45 a.m. and return them to their high schools.
* High schools will be dismissed at noon.
* Middle schools will be dismissed at 12:30.
* Emergency bus stops will be used on all bus routes.
* All after-school and evening activities, sports, and events and evening building use have been canceled.
* Also, we hope to make decisions about tomorrow this evening.

Also, Metro is warning its afternoon service will be limited; read more here.

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