About WCN

White Center Now is the blog about White Center, for White Center.

Here you will find White Center news, information, resources, and most important of all … people and their stories. This is the only White Center news/information/discussion website updated at least once every day, 7 days a week (more than once, most days!), every day since launching August 7, 2008 (the archives are linked from the bottom of the right sidebar), to help you keep in touch with what’s happening, when it happens.

White Center Now is published by Tracy Record and Patrick Sand, who co-publish West Seattle’s most-read news source, West Seattle Blog. Tracy edits WCN as well as WSB and co-founded WCN with the entrepreneurs and community activists behind FullTilt Ice Cream and Cafe Rozella, Ricardo Guarnero and Justin Cline. They no longer have official roles with the site but we appreciate their support and involvement when it was getting off the ground!

Unlike WSB, which is at its heart a news site, White Center Now is more of a true “blog,” and therefore will feature its contributors’ opinions as well as straightforward reporting. (And, in comments, your opinions too! We are so appreciative to already have hosted hundreds of them in the few months that White Center Now has been up and running)

Your thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome … as well as photos, video, story tips; we’re here not just to tell the stories we find, but to give you a place to tell yours.

E-mail whitecenternow@gmail.com