CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Arrest, vehicle recovery following Saturday night carjacking

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We just checked with King County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Eric White for an update on the carjacking we reported Friday night. He tells us it actually happened in the O’Reilly Auto Parts lot while the victim was sleeping inside the car. Then on Sunday, Seattle Police found the car in the 9700 block of Myers Way South and arrested one person, according to Sgt. White, who had no further details on the circumstances of the arrest. We’ll be following up with Seattle Police.

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CRIME WATCH: Deputies investigate carjacking reported at 17th/Roxbury

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(Also published on partner site West Seattle Blog)

This alert was just relayed over Seattle Police radio – King County Sheriff’s Office deputies are investigating a reported carjacking outside Domino’s Pizza at 17th/Roxbury. Three armed carjackers are reported to have arrived in a white pickup and taken off in both that vehicle and the newly stolen white Toyota Camry, westbound on SW Roxbury. The only description of the carjackers so far: white men in their 20s with goatees and black hats. If you have any info for investigators, call 911.

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WHITE CENTER WEEKEND SCENE: Day 1 of downtown cleanup

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(WCN photos)

Volunteers of all ages pitched in during today’s first installment of this year’s White Center Spring Clean. We caught up with a few of them doing some painting at 98th/15th.

As previewed here, next Saturday is the second installment of the cleanup – you can meet up with other volunteers in the Saar’s Super Saver Foods parking lot at 9 am (April 27). Organizers would especially like some help from muralists – there’s a lot that need touching up in WC, including the student work on Saar’s north side.

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TONIGHT: Skate to live music at Southgate Roller Rink

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Ready for Friday night revelry on wheels? Southgate Roller Rink hosts live music every Friday night, 9 pm-midnight, $18 cover and $5 skate rental. The rink at 9646 17th SW has multiple bands every week – tonight it’s Megadose, Nug, and Sneaker Wave.

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WEDNESDAY: King County Job Launch!

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From the White Center Teen Program:

King County Job Launch for ages 16 – 24 is coming up on Wednesday, April 17th.

The Fall Job Launch Program features Pathways to Working in Healthcare. Ages 16 – 24 are encouraged to join virtually on zoom or in person at the White Center Teen Program (1321 SW 102nd St) or the Skyway Library (12601 76th Ave S ) on Wednesday, April 17, 2024 from 3:30 pm-5:30 pm. Scheduled presenters include:

IHAP (Introduction to Healthcare Employment and Mentorship Program)
Career Work$ Medical Free Job Training Program
Insider Panel of careers in Healthcare

For additional Information, please contact Vana Danh, King County Parks @ 206.477.2105 or visit Job Launch & PNTH Job Fair – White Center Teen Program (

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Public Health closes Tacos de Canasta for second time in less than three months

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From Public Health – Seattle & King County this morning, word that Tacos de Canastafo at 16th/104th has been closed again as of last Friday (April 12) for allegedly “operating without a valid permit.” According to the Public Health webpage for food-establishment closures, they were supposed to still be closed from an order in February, for being an “unpermitted food vendor.”

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POWER OUTAGE: 11,000+ customers lose electricity in White Center, South Park, Burien, beyond (updated Monday)

April 14th, 2024 at 3:01 pm Posted in Seattle City Light, Utilities, White Center news | 1 Comment »

3:01 PM: Much of White Center is without power in an outage affecting more than 11,000 Seattle City Light customers, from southeast West Seattle east to South Park and south into Burien. No word yet on the cause. Updates to come. (Remember that intersections where traffic signals have gone dark are all-way stops.)

4:13 PM: Now down to just under 5,000. White Center is one of the areas where it’s back on. No word yet on the cause.

5:09 PM: Under 3,000 still out.

8:33 PM: Down to under 500, mostly in the Boulevard Park area. The exact cause hasn’t been disclosed yet – “equipment” problem of some kind, SCL says.

12:30 PM MONDAY: We followed up today with SCL spokesperson Jenn Strang, who says, “The exact cause of (this) outage in still under investigation but there is a possibility that it was caused by a bird. The resulting fault caused two lines to wrap together, resulting in the larger impact of the outage.”

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CRIME WATCH: Search in north Burien after West Seattle carjacking

April 12th, 2024 at 8:41 pm Posted in Crime, Helicopter, White Center news | 4 Comments »

8:41 PM: An air and ground search is under way in north Burien right now after a pursuing following a carjacking in West Seattle. The pursuit went through White Center, south West Seattle, and other parts of Burien before two suspects were reported to have abandoned a stolen car – not the car taken in the carjacking – near 18th/116th. Police pursued two suspects through south West Seattle, White Center, and Burien after a carjacking. While the stolen vehicle is reported to be a white Audi, officers pursued another vehicle believed to be related, a dark gray Hyundai Tucson reported stolen from Federal Way. The Guardian One helicopter has been assisting; the suspects reportedly abandoned the Hyundai in north Burien, with a ground search ensuing too.

8:46 PM: They’ve taken one suspect into custody in the Salmon Creek Ravine area and are still searching for the other. The original armed carjacking happened in an alley off 35th SW in West Seattle just north of SW Roxbury.

9:14 PM: While the search continues, officers have just radioed that they’re closing streets in the area of 18th/116th.

11:03 PM: We weren’t able to monitor the end of the search live but here’s what we have since gleaned from archived audio: The second suspect apparently was bitten by a police dog and taken for treatment. Police have found various items of evidence in the area where the suspects ran, including a stolen gun, a backpack, and ski masks. The originally carjacked white Audi has been impounded (found thanks to a tracking device). We’ll be following up with police and prosecutors Monday and will add any other information that emerges sooner.

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SALE! White Center Library Guild’s spring rummage sale coming up

April 11th, 2024 at 6:44 pm Posted in Libraries, White Center Library, White Center news | No Comments »

Set your calendar!

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Neighborhood safety, beautification, and youth engagement @ North Highline Unincorporated Area Council’s April meeting

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By Jason Grotelueschen
Reporting for White Center Now

Neighbors, leaders, and guests met last Thursday to discuss issues of youth involvement, neighborhood safety, and cleanups at the April meeting of the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council (NHUAC).  The event was held online and was facilitated by NHUAC president Liz Giba and vice president Barbara Dobkin.

Meeting highlights:

“ALTERNATIVES TO VIOLENCE” PROGRAM AT EVERGREEN AND INNOVATION: First on the agenda was a presentation about the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP), which has been the cornerstone of a new set of trainings and programs this year at Evergreen High School and Innovation Heights Academy (formerly New Start High School), sponsored by Highline Public Schools. AVP describes its school-based programs as promoting “social emotional learning and community building in schools” to “reduce fighting, violence, and bullying.”

At the beginning of the school year last fall, about 300 Evergreen 9th-grade students and 100 staff members participated, and the following week at Innovation about 90 students and 20 staff participated. The program involves facilitator-led sessions, small-group discussions and games, and for most students and staff it’s their first interaction with their school colleagues before the school year begins. Some aspects of the program have carried throughout the school year, with additional classes and recurring discussion groups.

Roger Kluck, director of the area AVP chapter Projects for a Civil Society, said the project was originally started in the mid-1970s by a group of people in Greenhaven prison (New York), with a focus on addressing trauma and violence, based on the concept that “hurt people hurt people.” The program was successful and grew quickly, and is now offered in more than 50 countries in prisons, schools, churches, businesses, and shelters.

“Trauma alienates you,” Kluck said, citing the well-known Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Study which found that one-third of school kids have experienced some sort of significant trauma (abandonment, abuse, parent in prison) that has an impact on their education. Kluck added that after COVID lockdowns, there was a lot of delay in kids’ social-emotional development, and his group is “working with schools to build back community building and connection.” He said the training usually starts with teachers (“a lonely business,” Kluck said), especially new teachers, followed by a 2- to 3-day workshop for students at the beginning of the school year.

Kluck said the benefit is that students build relationships and self-esteem and “go into the school year knowing people, which heads off bullying and cliques, and reduces the chance of alienation.”

Also in attendance on Thursday night was Bertram (Bert) Calcote, a long-time facilitator for AVP and the Recovery Navigator Program, who shared his own experience of getting involved with AVP and meeting Kluck at the WA state reformatory prison in Monroe.

Calcote noted that he was originally a skeptic — “I said, ‘this crap doesn’t work,’ but I went back and participated and got comfortable and realized how wrong I was.” He said that on a personal note, the program taught him how to be aware of the trauma, to rebuild relationships he had broken and to “stop playing the victim.” Calcote said his passion is talking to young people, especially young men, and showing them how to more effectively communicate and listen.

The group is also having a community meeting on April 23rd at 5:30 pm at the Burien Library, focused on bringing people together and reducing violence. Details here:

Kluck said they’re always looking for helpers, and it only takes 4 weekends of training to become a facilitator. “We’re a ‘Johnny Appleseed group, we don’t want to do it all, we spread it and let it go where it goes.” Anyone interested should contact NHUAC chair Liz Giba via email at


Next up was a presentation (see the slides here) by Erik Bell from A Cleaner Alki, who has been spearheading cleanup events throughout the peninsula for the past decade, including a massive recent cleanup event in White Center in late March involving about 100 volunteers and yielding 2.5 tons of trash (yes, really).

Bell described that gathering as the first event in a new All-Hands Neighborhood Cleanup Series in cooperation with
Seattle Public Utilities’ Adopt a Street program. He noted that he and the city considered the event to be a huge success (especially because the plans and promotions came together in only two weeks), but that he also viewed it as “just the start for an area that could use a lot of help on both sides of Roxbury.” Much of the event’s cleanup activity involved the area at/near the former Bartell Drugs building (currently listed for lease) and the surrounding blocks, and Bell noted that the Rozella Building area has been a recent focus for the group as well.

Bell said that his personal involvement with neighborhood cleanups began in 2010, when he started meeting his brother on Alki Beach for Saturday morning walks, and they began cleaning up garbage that they found along the way. In the years that have followed, more volunteers have become involved, and the group began working more formally with agencies such as SDOT and Seattle Parks. Bell said it’s been gratifying to engage with the community to make a difference, and to help “create a new culture” with partner agencies who benefit greatly from the extra volunteer effort.

Bell said his group held over 500 cleanup events in 2023, and cleared 50,000+ pounds of trash and other dangerous materials out of the local environment. He characterized the group’s efforts as generally falling within three categories:

  • Trash cleanups: Generally 2 hours in length and with specific trash-pickup goals in mind.
  • “Spruced” cleanups: Clearing sidewalks, overgrowth and line-of-sight issues (and then collecting trash that becomes visible).
  • “Block Drop” cleanups: Involves leaving buckets and “trash grabbers” in targeted areas for a day, and inviting the community to use the supplies to clean on their own time. It began as a Girl Scout project (involving Bell’s daughter).

The effort of scouting for new cleanup opportunities has identified a number of “hot spots” that Bell said deserve focused cleanup work that would improve the neighborhood and “restore a sense of safety and care in the community.”

Bell said that for cleanups in unincorporated King County, one of the main problems his group has faced is the lack of a program for reporting the collected piles of trash and getting it all picked up at the conclusion of the event. For the recent White Center cleanup, for example, his group had to haul all of the bags of trash (again, 2.5 tons of it) north of Roxbury street and into Seattle city limits, where the Adopt-a-Street crews could then pick it up that same afternoon.

Several attendees of the meeting on Thursday night, including NHUAC’s Barbara Dobkin, shared ideas with Bell for contact people and resources to potentially help bridge those gaps. One of those people mentioned, Bong Sto. Domingo (who works for King County), then joined the Zoom meeting and helped make some additional suggestions and connections. Bell expressed his gratitude for the information, noting that this is the type of cooperation that is crucial for making programs like this work in a sustainable way.

Bell emphasized that his group is always looking for new volunteers, who can connect with his group via their website or Facebook page.

UPDATE FROM KING COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE: Detective Glen Brannon was also in attendance at the meeting to answer questions and provide updates about community concerns.  Some discussion points:

  • White Center cleanup: Regarding Bell’s recent cleanup efforts, Det. Brannon said “the timing was incredible” because he had recently talked to some constituents (including Dr. Perez at Sea Mar health center) about the Bartell’s property and the excess trash, and then “miraculously it disappeared!” Brannon and Giba said that they had expected attendance from Bartell’s staff at the Thursday meeting, but that it didn’t happen. He noted that there needs to be agreement from the property owner in order to (for example) pursue prosecution for people committing crimes on the property. Brannon mentioned other community-supported events to clean up areas (such as an encampment cleanup on March 13th).  “A lot of our chronic areas are getting cleaned up now, and it’s because of the community getting together, saying ‘I know somebody who can help,’ so everybody should pat themselves on the back for that” but he added that there is always work to do.
  • Drug Bust: Attendees discussed the late-February drug bust by the Precinct 4 Special Emphasis Team (WCN coverage here).  Brannon said “we are blessed in Precinct 4 to have group of detectives able to work at the cartel distribution level — one of top groups making busts.” He added that the sheriff’s office works with lots of groups to help support the effort, he “can’t talk too much about it, but it’s a great group” and the recent bust yielded impressive results:
    • 71,000 M-30 Fentanyl Pills
    • 31 pounds of Methamphetamine
    • 2.76 pounds Fentanyl powder
    • 1.12 pounds of Heroin
    • $7047 cash seized
    • 1 car seized
    • 2 individuals were booked into the Federal Detention Center (FDC) pending federal charges.
  • Gun Incidents: Attendees talked about recent events such as the late-February bullets at Patrick’s Bakery and Café, and the early-March shooting near Evergreen.
  • Encampments: Brannon asked the group for input and observations regarding issues with public camping, noting that his office is always working to get affected people access to services, and they’ve seen increased participation (one particular encampment dropped from 30 people down to 6, recently).
  • Neighborhood Cooperation:
    • Brannon said his team was recently able to go to a property and recovered a stolen car and stolen motorcyles based on tip from someone, and he encouraged neighbors to report what they see. Neighbors happy with cleanup, found a car, was towed away.  Det. Brannon said Dep. Steve Johnson initiated cleanup.
    • Neighbor Leo said that he noticed that a person named “Jessica” (familiar to Brannon) and her family seem to be back in the area — they had been associated with issues such as prowling and street theft in the past. Brannon said he would be surprised if that was the case because she had been “doing really well — had found a job” but that he would follow up.
    • Attendee Roslyn Hyde (who owns property in White Center) mentioned to Brannon that she has a friend with a yoga studio on 152nd in Burien, and there was a recent incident in which a dead person was found, possibly related to people congregating and camping in the area. Brannon confirmed that he is working closely with Burien’s crime reduction unit on similar issues, because “Burien has a reputation for being a good place to be homeless” and there are “political hot-potato” discussions happening. He mentioned another example of a strip mall owner who is dealing with and encampment. Hyde also noted that her property in White Center was hit with graffiti on an old garage, and Brannon said he will follow up.
    • Other neighbors asked about occurrences in their areas (such as street racing on 1st Avenue, gunfire incidents, etc) and Brannon gave responses when possible.
  • Information Sharing: Brannon said that he continues to work with community contacts in area schools and boys and girls clubs, especially with summer coming up and more youth out and about. He also talked with meeting attendees about ideas for sharing information via electronic and physical message boards and kiosks, to keep the community informed.


Det. Brannon noted that Saturday, April 27th, is National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day, and that Steve Cox Memorial Park is one of the participating sites — dropoffs are encouraged from 10am-2pm. (editor’s note: the SPD Southwest Precinct at 2300 SW Webster in West Seattle is also a participating site)

Brannon also said that the next Coffee With a Cop event will be Wednesday, April 17th, at 10 am at Starbucks in White Center, and that there is an upcoming job fair June 1st from 1:30-6pm.

Darlene Sellers from King County Parks shared details about events at the White Center Teen Program (Log Cabin):

  • JobLaunch – Pathways to Healthcare for ages 16-24 on Wednesday, April 17 from 3:30-5 pm (Online event with viewing parties at the Log Cabin in WC & the Skyway Library.)
  • Annual PNTH Job Fair (30 employers) and Basketball Tournament on Wednesday, June 5 at Steve Cox Memorial Park.

Sellers also shared a recap of Cultural Connection Night, held March 22nd at the Log Cabin: posted online here.

Meeting attendee Roslyn Hyde (who owns property in White Center) invited everyone to a free networking event on Thursday, May 9th from 7:45 am-9:15 am, focused on entrepreneurs and local business owners. Event details here.

NEXT MEETING: NHUAC meets most months on the first Thursday, online at 7 pm, so the next meeting will be May 2.

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White Center Spring Clean 2024: Here’s how to help!

April 10th, 2024 at 4:51 pm Posted in How to Help, White Center news | 2 Comments »

Just out of the WCN inbox:

Saturday, April 20 and Saturday, April 27

White Center needs Our Help!!

The White Center Community Development Association (CDA) is organizing its 21st annual Refresh/ Spring Clean. If you love White Center, then volunteer to help us clean it up. Volunteers who give three hours working to clean up White Center will get the latest version of the famous “I Love White Center” T-shirt.

Volunteers have two Saturdays to choose from; April 20 and April 27.

Saturday, April 20, 2024 (Meet at 9 am at 98th and 15th)

To honor our wonderful Cambodian/American neighbors, who will be celebrating the Cambodian New Year the next weekend (Saturday, April 27), on April 20 we will focus on covering graffiti and cleaning up the downtown area around SW 98th between 17th and 14th, where the Cambodian New Year celebration will be.

We need crews to help cover graffiti, touch up murals, paint the front of buildings, pick up trash, and clean the windows of local businesses. Our goal is to make the area beautiful again for the Cambodian New Year celebration that occurs the following weekend. We will provide paint, brushes, and equipment to sweep and clean windows.

We also need crews to go to the four “Welcome to White Center” signs that each say “Welcome” in 10 languages, to clean them up, add flowers and bark around each sign, paint the brick foundations and poles if needed, and rake the areas surrounding each sign. These signs are located at Roxbury/18th , Roxbury/10th, SW 108th/4th, and Delridge/18th. For these crews, bring brooms and gloves, we will provide flowers, bark, paint, sign cleaner, and bags for trash.

Saturday, April 27, 2024 (Meet at 9 am at the Saars Parking lot)

We will continue removing graffiti in areas around White Center and support Evergreen students to help us touch of their previous great art on the north side of Saars market and on both sides of SW 108th between 16th and 17th. We will also have crews walking throughout White Center covering graffiti and picking up trash. After our clean up effort, we can all go celebrate the Cambodian New Year!!

Sign up by email or text. Tell us your group size, and shirt sizes. We can make White Center beautiful again, if you help us.

Contact:, or Text to (206) 595-7124

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White Center sidewalk-repair project postponed again

April 10th, 2024 at 9:28 am Posted in King County, Transportation, White Center news | No Comments »

Announced this morning:

In Fall 2024 – King County Road Services will repair sidewalks in two areas of White Center:

SW 108th Street between 4th Avenue SW and 1st Avenue SW
26th Avenue SW between SW 106th Street/SW 107th Way and SW 112th Street

We originally planned for these repairs to occur fall 2023 and then rescheduled to spring 2024. However, due to crew availability the work has been rescheduled to fall 2024. When we know when we’ll be in your neighborhood, we’ll be back in touch.

Details about the work

Damaged sidewalks can make it challenging for people’s mobility. Sidewalks can buckle and break in part due to tree roots. To fix these sidewalks, the county also will remove trees that are causing the sidewalk to lift and crack. We will work with the Department of Natural Resources and Parks to plant replacement trees in nearby locations.

This work is part of our ongoing sidewalk repair program to improve mobility for walkers, wheelchairs, and strollers.

It is informed by our Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, plan. To find out more about our Accessibility Program, visit: Roads’ ADA Transition Plan and Accessibility Services – King County.

We know trees are an important part of the community. We will replace or exceed the canopy provided by the original trees in nearby community parks.

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‘It’s time for Full Tilt as we know it to end’: After White Center ice-cream entrepreneur Justin Cline’s death, store to close

April 8th, 2024 at 4:11 pm Posted in Businesses, Full Tilt Ice Cream, White Center news | 1 Comment »

(WSB/WCN photo of Justin, Ann, and kids Moss and Ruby last year, when Full Tilt marked 15 years)

Five weeks after the death of Justin Cline, who founded Full Tilt Ice Cream in White Center in 2008 with wife Ann Magyar, she just sent us the announcement that their flagship store and wholesale operations will close:

Dear Full Tilt family,

Justin founded Full Tilt with the hope he could work for himself and be part of the neighborhood in a positive, fun way. He wanted a place for music and art and for families to play. We opened on June 20, 2008 and were floored from day one at how much the community embraced us. We met so many people and made so many friends that we still hold dear. We loved watching kids learn to play pinball and Pac-Man and beg to stay just a little longer. So many artists and musicians and chefs have shared our space and we’ve been honored to be part of those journeys. Full Tilt was never just about the ice cream. But now Justin is gone, and it just isn’t the same without him. It’s time for Full Tilt as we know it to end.

Our wholesale operations will stop at the end of April. The last day for the White Center shop will be May 26th. The Columbia City shop will remain open but they do not accept gift cards, coupons, or birthday party certificates from other locations. You can find more info about that shop at

I’m beyond grateful for the love and friendship and support these past 16 years. It’s truly been the best years of my life. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this craziness. Thank you White Center.

With love,
Mrs. Full Tilt

Justin Cline was just 49 when he died last month, four weeks after a heart attack. Among his many community contributions in White Center besides operating the business, he also was a co-founder of this website the same year he and Ann launched Full Tilt.

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BASEBALL: DubSea Fish Sticks now frying up single-game tickets too

April 3rd, 2024 at 9:59 pm Posted in DubSea Fish Sticks, Sports, Steve Cox Memorial Park, White Center news | No Comments »

Now less than two months left until the DubSea Fish Sticks‘ 2024 season! You can buy your single-game tickets starting now, according to this announcement from the team:

The DubSea Fish Sticks summer collegiate baseball team launched its single-game ticket sales for the 2024 season today as part of National Fish Sticks Day.

The team hosts their events at Mel Olson Stadium, which is located inside of King County’s Steve Cox Memorial Park in White Center, nicknamed “The Fryer.”

The team is known for antics including throwing out a ceremonial first fish, where the honoree flings a fish toward home plate instead of a baseball; the recreation of the Mariners’ Bullpen Boat; and during non-league games, the team also runs an open raffle for a random fan to sign a one-day contract and lead off in the game for the Fish Sticks as the “Fan Batter of the Night.”

The Fish Sticks recruit players from colleges across the country to come and play for the months of June and July. The 2024 summer roster is composed of players from 30 different colleges. The players report in late May and play with the team to hone their skills and hope to one day play professionally.

“We’re not in the baseball business, we’re in the fun business where there happens to be a baseball game going on. Our goal is that this is the most fun you’ve ever had inside a baseball stadium. From the music, great food, beer and crazy promotions, this will be something you’ll never forget,” promised team president Justin Moser.

In 2023, the Fish Sticks sold out five different games and expect that number to grow to ten or more this year.

Single-game tickets for DubSea Fish Sticks games are only $13.50 and Opening Night on Saturday, June 1st, is expected to sell out quickly. Flex Ticket Packs with options ranging from three- to ten-game packages are also available. The team will host 27 home games this summer, including every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening from June 1st – August 3rd.

The Fish Sticks also partner with youth organizations and nonprofits to run ticket fundraisers at every game.

You can find more information and secure your tickets for Opening Night on June 1st at The Fryer online at

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THURSDAY: Here’s who you’ll hear from at April’s North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meeting

March 31st, 2024 at 4:34 pm Posted in North Highline UAC, White Center news | Comments Off on THURSDAY: Here’s who you’ll hear from at April’s North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meeting

Announced by the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council:

The Opportunity to Be Informed, Be Involved and Be Heard!

Where? North Highline Unincorporated Area Council Meeting

When? Thursday, April 4, 2024, at 7 pm

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 815 5327 0155
Passcode: NHUAC2024 (case sensitive)

Unable to join by Zoom? Please call: 253 215 8782

Meeting ID: 815 5327 0155
Passcode: 476621393

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You are invited! Please join NHUAC on Thursday, April 4th at 7 pm via Zoom. Join us and learn about what is happening in the White Center (North Highline) community. This month’s meeting will begin with Sandy Hunt, who will share the latest information about the Alternatives to Violence Project that the Highline School District is sponsoring at Evergreen High. Learn about new ways to get involved, including an in-person forum later in the month.

Sandy will be followed by Erik Bell of A Cleaner Alki. A Cleaner Alki is a volunteer organization focused on reducing waste and blight with weekly cleanup and sprucing activities. Erik will share the background and news about A Cleaner Alki, including a project in White Center. Thanks to Erik and A Cleaner Alki!

We’ll also be joined by Detective Glen Brannon. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about what the King County Sheriff’s Office has been dealing with in our area and share your concerns.

Knowledge Is Power. Learn, share, and help make North Highline a healthier community.

Thursday, April 4 at 7 pm – Invite Your Neighbors!

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SURVEY: King County seeking feedback for next parks levy

March 29th, 2024 at 6:58 pm Posted in King County, Parks, White Center news | Comments Off on SURVEY: King County seeking feedback for next parks levy

You won’t vote on it until next year – but King County is collecting early feedback before drafting the next version of the parks levy, so you’re invited to answer a survey now, and/or attend an online community meeting. Here’s the announcement:

The King County Parks Levy is a voter-approved property tax that keeps both city and regional parks, trails, and open spaces available for everyone. No matter where you are in King County, the Parks Levy goes to support local parks and trails. The current levy is in effect through 2025.

What should be in the next (2026-2031) levy to improve the parks and outdoor spaces in your community? King County Parks would like to hear from you. Your input will help shape parks and trails for years to come.

Take a 10-minute survey (and enter to win two tickets to any concert at Marymoor Live!).

-Register to attend a virtual community meeting on April 9 (5-6 pm) or April 23 (6-7 pm). To request interpreter support for the April 23 meeting, send email to Helen Potter ( with the name of the language no later than April 11.

Deadline for the survey is April 29.

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FOLLOWUP: Former White Center Bartell building listed for lease

March 25th, 2024 at 9:54 pm Posted in Businesses, White Center news | 3 Comments »

(WCN photo – ex-Bartell Drugs building; we’ve processed the photo to distort the tags)

When the Bartell Drugs store at 15th/Roxbury in White Center closed six months ago, the next step wasn’t clear – would the site’s California-based owner sell it, or seek another tenant? We’ve been watching the commercial real estate listings ever since, and the building has finally appeared there – listed as available for lease. The (currently extensively vandalized) 12,000-square-foot building on a 32,000-square-foot is touted in the leasing brochure as a “prime retail location in the heart of White Center” with “easy access and great visibility.” And while the brochure sings the praises of Seattle (“a picturesque metropolis”), it also notes that since this site is just south of the city line, “The benets of the subject property’s location include not being subject to the Seattle minimum wage requirement and the 1.75 cent/ounce soda tax.” Interested? The listing agent’s contact info is here.

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TONIGHT: Queer Skate Prom at Southgate

March 20th, 2024 at 3:37 pm Posted in Fun, southgate, White Center news | Comments Off on TONIGHT: Queer Skate Prom at Southgate

Get your wheels on and go support White Center Pride tonight at Southgate Roller Rink! The event is the Queer Skate Prom, and it starts at 8:30 pm.

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FRIDAY: You’re invited to White Center Teen Program’s Cultural Connection Night

March 19th, 2024 at 1:11 am Posted in Steve Cox Memorial Park, White Center news | 1 Comment »

The Log Cabin at Steve Cox Memorial Park is the place to be Friday night (March 22):

King County Parks Cultural Connection Night at the Log Cabin is coming up on Friday, March 22nd from 5-7:00 pm!

The White Center Teen Program (aka the Log Cabin) is excited to invite the community to the premiere of Cultural Connection Night on Friday, March 22nd from 5-7:00 pm at Steve Cox Memorial Park (1321 SW 102nd St). Join the WCTP for an evening of Cultural Performances along with a Visual Art Gallery featuring the artwork of local artists ages 12-19. In addition, attendees are welcome to wear cultural attire to participate in the inaugural Log Cabin Cultural Fashion Show. Additional event details available at 2024 Cultural Connection Night – White Center Teen Program . The full schedule of performing groups and roster of participating artists will be updated accordingly.

Teens ages 12-19 are encouraged to submit visual art celebrating community and culture through March 20th. Visual Art Forms accepted include Drawing, Painting, Photography, Digital Design, Mixed Media and Ceramics. Art will be displayed during the event and voted on by event attendees. Trophy prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Each artist will also be entered into a drawing for a gift basket prize. For any questions or technical challenges, please reach out to Peanutt at or 206.482.1910

Cultural Connections Night is sponsored by the teens and staff of the White Center Teen Program. The WCTP offers free recreational, educational, and social enrichment programming to youth ages 12-19 between Tuesday – Saturday from 3-8pm. Art supplies and performance coaches currently available every Tue – Sat from 3-8 pm at the WCTP.

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UPDATE: Pedestrian to hospital after crash at 16th/107th

March 17th, 2024 at 10:16 pm Posted in King County Sheriff's Office, White Center news | 2 Comments »

10:16 PM: Thanks to the reader who emailed to ask about a large emergency response around 8:30 pm at 16th SW/SW 107th. According to recorded dispatch audio, a 66-year-old man walking at that intersection was hit and injured by a pickup-truck driver. His injuries were not initially reported to be life-threatening, but he was being taken to a hospital and was described as in stable condition. We’re following up with KCSO to see what they can tell us about the circumstances.

ADDED MONDAY MORNING: KCSO says the driver was not arrested/cited as there “was no crime.” The pedestrian’s injuries were not life-threatening.

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