FOLLOWUP: White Center Chamber of Commerce meets again to talk about graffiti-vandalism fight

March 10th, 2017 Tracy Posted in Graffiti, White Center Chamber of Commerce, White Center news Comments Off on FOLLOWUP: White Center Chamber of Commerce meets again to talk about graffiti-vandalism fight

The White Center Chamber of Commerce‘s battle against graffiti/tagging vandalism is still getting off the ground. This past Monday night, about a dozen Chamber members and community advocates gathered again at Northmart to talk about it, two months after the previous meeting (WCN coverage here).

Dr. Kathleen Paulson from Cascade Heights Veterinary Clinic (9832 15th SW) led the meeting. Her clinic has forms that residents and business owners can use to identify graffiti vandalism and take to McLendon Hardware (10210 16th SW) to get the Chamber-arranged discount on paint and other supplies to get rid of it. The Chamber also is working to find a go-to person who can be contacted directly to go paint out vandalism when it’s reported, and to locate a storage area for paint and supplies that person will be able to deploy.

As for current trouble spots, the alley east of the east side of the heart of 16th, between Roxbury and SW 98th, was mentioned by several attendees.

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Got primer? Donations needed to help fight graffiti vandalism

January 30th, 2011 Tracy Posted in Graffiti, How to Help, King County Sheriff's Office, White Center news 2 Comments »

Story and photos by Deanie Schwarz
Reporting for White Center Now

Thanks to Gill, WCN got the heads-up that the King County Sheriff’s Office storefront is currently in great need of graffiti-paintout supplies — in particular, outdoor primer.

Unlike the city of Seattle, which has a graffiti program, unincorporated areas like White Center must rely on donated materials.

On Wednesday, the city of Seattle donated about 15 gallons of paint, some brushes and rollers to the “quality of life” program, which Community Service Officer Vary Jackson (top photo) helps coordinate. But Officer Jackson told WCN that they still are in dire need of outdoor-only primer.

The “quality of life” program deploys misdemeanor offenders to address such issues as cleaning up graffiti vandalism, retrieving abandoned shopping carts, and picking up litter. Officer Jackson says that the brief snow we had a few weeks ago seemed to encourage a lot of tagging around the neighborhood, though she emphasized that this was mostly tagger-style graffiti rather than gang-turf-war-type markings. Even so, there is just so much of it since then, that they have used up the outdoor primer they had.

If you have unused primer to spare or are able to donate new primer, they are welcome to call Officer Jackson at the King County Sheriff’s Office to make arrangements for donations that will be accepted gratefully. The phone number is (206) 296-3323. (Officer Jackson works out of the downtown White Center “storefront,” at 9609 16th SW.)

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If you ever think ‘one person can’t really make a difference’ …

July 12th, 2010 Tracy Posted in Graffiti, Health, White Center news 1 Comment »

In our coverage of the last White Center/South Delridge Community Safety Coalition meeting last month, we noted a trash problem outside the DSHS building, where the meetings are held these days. One meeting regular, who wanted to be anonymous, had expressed frustration with the problem, and had started documenting it:

Here’s a wider look at one area where trash was found, on the east side of the building, :

Once documented, it was time for action. The observer tried contacting someone in person, but was given a name, number and e-mail address for an office manager who finally was reached by phone the next day. After hearing about the problem, the observer says, the office manager said it was the problem of Prium Development Company, which owns the building, and is headquartered in Tacoma. Somebody in the building should be telling them about it, the observer insisted, and was told those in the building weren’t happy about it either, but that they expected the company to be sending a cleaning crew that day.

“Partial cleanup” ensued, according to our source. But not the dock area. If you’re thinking, well, so what, it’s just trash – as our source notes, it wasn’t just stray bits of paper. Examples of what was found:

So, the observer called the office manager again. Got only voice mail. Same thing the next morning, when our source tried yet again. No callback, so the next call was to the building owner. Our source was directed eventually to voice mail for a “facilities manager.” No callback. Eventually, contact was made. The onsite manager, our source says, continued to contend that it was the building owner’s responsibility, and that they’d been making requests too. However it played out, finally, after persistence from our tipster, the area got cleaned up:

Still tagged (we’ve blurred the tags as per our policy), but as our tipster puts it, “the public health menace is gone.” Will it stay gone? We’ll check back. We suspect the observer will too. If there’s something you’re concerned about, one message here is, don’t give up after one complaint, if action doesn’t immediately ensue. And find out who’s ultimately responsible. One helpful tool: Property ownership can be determined through the King County Parcel Vieweryou’ll find it here; have the exact address handy (or if you don’t know, trace it through the nearest intersection).

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White Center Spring Clean Up Coming May 16th

April 24th, 2009 Ricardo Posted in Development, Graffiti, White Center Comments Off on White Center Spring Clean Up Coming May 16th

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Lakewood Park graffiti vandalism – again

November 19th, 2008 Tracy Posted in Crime, Graffiti, Hicks Lake, Lakewood Park 1 Comment »

Dick Thurnau with Friends of Hicks Lake reports that graffiti vandals hit various structures, including the picnic shelter and restroom, at Lakewood Park (home of Hicks Lake) on Tuesday – one day after a paintover of previous vandalism. “Even over the student-painted murals,” says Dick, who says something has got to be done about this recurring problem.

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Burnt House a Nuisance: Why is it not being cleaned up?

October 22nd, 2008 Ricardo Posted in Crime, Development, Environment, Government, Graffiti, Real estate, Safety, White Center 5 Comments »

This house is located at the intersection of Delridge and 16th Avenue SW.  The house burnt down in December of 2007.   Sometime thereafter, some vagrants started using the basement as their home and so the owner boarded up the windows.  Word is that the house was to be torn down and a mixed use residential-commercial project was to take its place.   Nothing good has happened since.

As you can see from the attached pictures the place is a complete nuisance.  No steps have been taken to mitigate the damage caused by the fire and the subsequent abandonment.  The grass and weeds are overgrown.  The charred appliances and furniture are still lying outside where they were dumped by the fire department.  And the place is conspicuous to just about everyone visiting the White Center commercial area.  Clearly, the owner does not care what kind of a nuisance this creates for the community.  Anybody got some ideas on how to get this negligent owner to clean up his mess?

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County crackdown on illegal dumping

October 20th, 2008 Tracy Posted in Environment, Graffiti, King County, North Highline UAC 5 Comments »

Somebody making a mess, someplace they shouldn’t? Action taken by King County Councilmembers today might help. Read on for the full details: Read the rest of this entry »

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Tonight in White Center

October 10th, 2008 FullTilt Posted in Arts, Cultural Center, Fun, Graffiti, Music, White Center Comments Off on Tonight in White Center

tonight is the Official openign for the Dluks Crew art show hanging at Full Tilt.
myspace. com/DLUKS3CREW

The party begins at 8pm with an acoustic performance by sickeversence. The Dluks Crew is an all female artists collective, and they are looking for memebers. Here is the email they are sending out.

We are looking for Members to join our new group,

Here is information on us and what we do:

We are the Dluks Crew (all female) based out of Seattle,WA

myspace. com/dluks3crew (add us on your myspace!)

(There are not many all girl “crews” in the world so here we are…
we are currently seeking members so if your a female writer,urban photographer
or painter and
would like to join our actual crew,
contact us and we’ll let you know the details!)

We are available for:
• Artwork/graphic design for Clothing
• Custom artwork
• Illustrated logos
• Editorial illustration for print media
• Advertising illustration
• Book jackets
• CD art
• Poster illustration
• Murals / Public art Guerilla Art Marketing

Check out our main founders photos and websites to see our work!

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White Center Community Safety meeting report #1: New graffiti-fighting plan

August 28th, 2008 Tracy Posted in Crime, Graffiti, Parks, White Center news 1 Comment »

Just back from the White Center/South Delridge Community Safety meeting, with lots of information that we will break into at least three reports. First one — King County Parks’ draft proposal for dealing with graffiti, in the wake of the latest wave of tagging vandalism at White Center-area parks. The county Parks Department‘s Evergreen District manager Sam Whitman presented the four-point plan: #1, parks staff will try to remove or cover up graffiti “as soon as it appears,” with county painters following up to restore the original color scheme. #2, community members need to report graffiti-vandalism damage as soon as possible by calling Whitman (his number’s at the end of this post), and by helping clean up/cover up graffiti IF parks staff can’t get to it soon enough. #3, extra support for graffiti removal from Community Service officer Vary Jackson and Department of Corrections crews. #4, proactive work to develop and maintain murals in the parks, as a way of discouraging tagging vandalism. Whitman says the goal here is to remove/cover graffiti within 24-38 hours, and adds that the county has hired “seasonal” painting help to support the effort; to report park graffiti, call him at 206/296-0572. More from the Community Safety meeting in separate reports later tonight.

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