White Center food and drink: New owners to open The Company Store

July 27th, 2016 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Food, restaurants, White Center news 2 Comments »

When Company Bar closed in downtown White Center earlier this year, its owner voiced hopes that it would be bought and reopened. That’s exactly what’s happening. We heard overnight from Zoe Mandels, who says she and partner Joseph Northrup are reopening it as The Company Store. Zoe is a Boulevard Park resident who grew up in West Seattle and has history in its hospitality scene, having worked at JaK’s Grill for six years. She invited us to share this information on what they plan to offer when they open, which they’re hoping to do in a little more than a month:

Here is a sneak peek of what you can expect:

The Company Store, 21+, set to open at the beginning of September 2016:
9608 16th Avenue SW


~We want our LGBT friends to know that we always stand behind their community as an ally. We certainly stand behind respect being given to each and every person within our business here in White Center.
~Our restrooms will be GENDER NEUTRAL.
~We are a fun-loving, quality, neighborhood joint. We can’t wait to meet you!

• We will be open from 4 PM-2 AM EVERY DAY of the week
• We will be open from 9 AM-2 PM for BRUNCH Saturday & Sunday
• We will have happy hour from 4 PM-6 PM
• Late night happy hour from 10-2

Weekday Specials:
~Puffy Taco TUESDAY
~Memphis Dry Rib WEDNESDAY
~Karaoke (or a Drag Show) will be performed every FRIDAY
~Your “Week-in-Review” will be featured at SATURDAY & SUNDAY BRUNCH

Brunch will feature:
~$4 Bloody Mary’s
~$14 Bottomless Mimosas
~Best Benedict in town
~Hand-pressed fresh juices
~Brunch cocktails
~Champagne TO-GO
~”Your Week-in-Review” Brunch Special
Each week at brunch, one dish with a paired brunch cocktail will be dedicated to the previous week and its political scene, celebrity gossip circuit, world news or other noted event. Think John Oliver in food form.

Our PRIMARY MENU will feature rustic and bold Southwest flavors using our family favorite recipes while refining them with innovative Northwest touches.

~Highlights will include our:
Memphis Dry ribs
Puffy Tacos
Cream of Spinach Hush Puppies

Our COCKTAIL LIST is all about having fun. We never compromise quality and we deliver cocktails that mean something!

~Highlights will include our:
“Cracker Jack Old Fashioned” – Infused Rye, Disappointing Toy Prize
“Roller Girl” – Vodka, Fresh Basil, Raspberries, St. Germaine
“Fantasy Shop Next Door” – Tequila, Habanero Cubes, Lime, Sugar

They’re also planning to sell wine and beer to go, including growler fills. Stay tuned for updates!

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Starbucks, Popeye’s on the way to White Center Chevron site

June 3rd, 2016 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Food, White Center news 21 Comments »

Thanks to the texter (we’re at 206-293-6302 any time) who tipped us to this tonight:

A brand-new land-use sign is up on the periphery of the White Center Chevron at 15th/16th/100th, for a project titled Starbucks of South Seattle. The notice also mentions a separate permit application forthcoming for Popeye’s Fried Chicken.

We won’t be able to reach the respective chains for comment until next week, but county records show the site – long listed for sale – was sold two months ago to Madison, a well-known Seattle developer, for $2,250,000.

Right now, the standalone Starbucks nearest White Center – which of course has excellent independent coffeehouses including Caffé Delia and Dubsea Coffee – is in West Seattle’s Westwood Village shopping center. The nearest Popeye’s is in Renton.

The infosheet that we found posted on the south side of the lot says a public comment period is open until June 27th, and describes the first part of the project as involving “development of a 2,475-square-foot shell building for a future coffee shop, demolition of existing convenience store, gasoline filling station, removal of two underground storage tanks, and car wash.” While the notice says the application was filed with the county May 9th, it lists the “date of mailing” as today (June 3rd).

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White Center businesses: Company Bar announces it’s closing

February 15th, 2016 Tracy Posted in Beverages, White Center news 3 Comments »

After five years, Company Bar in downtown White Center will close in two weeks, its proprietor Jesse Lovell just announced via this Facebook post:

Ok folks. Here goes. It has been an amazing five years serving this community, being a part of this community and growing with this community and I am endlessly grateful to all of you who have been a part of my life here at Company Bar in beautiful downtown White Center. I’m guessing you know where this is going, if you don’t know already, but it’s true, Company Bar is closing.

This has been an extremely difficult and painful decision for me to make, but it is the right choice for me and my daughter. Anyone who knows me understands that I have given this bar everything I have and more, but the circumstances of my life are such that I can’t give it everything it needs and it is time for me to step away. I am so proud of what we as a community have built here: our softball team, Rat City Recon, Rat City Royals, the concerts, the fundraisers, the art shows, the friendships formed, the eating and drinking and good times and all of the rock and roll. So much rock and roll. It has been a wild ride, to say the least, and it hurts my heart to walk away, but please trust that this is the right thing for me and the right thing for the bar.

I am currently considering some attractive offers and I’m confident that the right person or people will take the reins. February 29th will be our last day and I will do everything I can to facilitate a smooth transition for the bar to reopen quickly under new ownership. Until then, it will be business as usual. A huge thanks goes out to my fiercely loyal crew and together we are going to pack as much fun as we can into these next two weeks and we hope you join us in closing this chapter with a bang.

Love always,

Company opened to much acclaim in January 2011.

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Three White Center food and drink notes

January 8th, 2016 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Food, White Center news 2 Comments »

Three notes from the White Center food and drink world, all along 16th SW:

NEW RESTAURANT AT 16TH/ROXBURY: The former TJ’s Soul Food and Pho Lynna storefront on the southeast corner, long vacant, now sports a new sign, for Taqueria Los Potrillos, “coming soon”:

Thanks to Gill for first word of the sighting. Looks like there are other restaurants by this name around the region, including one in Renton.

LUSO FOOD AND WINE FAREWELL: While looking around 16th/Roxbury for any more info about the new restaurant, we noticed that what had been Luso Food and Wine was empty. Checking online, looks like it’s been a few weeks since Luso closed.

BYE-BYE, BEIGNETS: Mardi Gras Donuts‘ run in WC is over. One month after cutting back to weekends only, they announced on New Year’s Day – no surprise if you’d noticed the covered-over windows – that they’re closed forever.

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Taradise Café takes over ex-Marv’s Broiler space in downtown White Center

December 31st, 2015 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Food, White Center news 1 Comment »

Story and photos by Tracy Record and Patrick Sand
White Center Now co-publishers

“Welcome to Taradise.”

That’s the greeting you’ll see when entering White Center’s newest restaurant/bar.

“Tara” is for proprietor Tara Scott, who’s celebrating the grand opening tonight for her Taradise Café in what used to be Marv’s Broiler at 9808 16th SW in downtown White Center.

The restaurant will serve breakfast all day as well as a full lunch menu and rotating dinner menu.

While Taradise Café has a bar – and two pool tables! as well as darts and TVs for sports-viewing – the restaurant is open to all ages. The hours for starters will be 6 am to midnight Sundays through Wednesdays, then 6 am to 2 am Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Including tonight.

Taradise Café is expected to draw from West Seattle as well as WC because of its proprietor’s background with the legendary Charlestown Café, which closed 4 1/2 years ago in WS. She’s also hired some former co-workers, and has permission to use some of the Charlestown’s recipes. Her permanent menu is still being finalized, so we don’t have the full lineup, but she mentioned the curried chicken salad, the pancakes, and the clam chowder.

Tara told us that she has long wanted to open her own restaurant but needed to wait until she could devote more time and attention to it – one key factor, her youngest child is now at an age where some self-sufficiency is starting to emerge.

So if you’re still looking for some place to welcome 2016, the grand-opening/NYE Party is on until 2 am at Taradise. This date holds significance for the location, the proprietor adds, because Marv’s Broiler opened on New Year’s Day in 1976.

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White Center Thanksgiving: Caffé Delia open for morning coffee

November 26th, 2015 Tracy Posted in Beverages, White Center news 1 Comment »

You don’t have to tackle the early Thanksgiving cooking without your latté, or Americano, or whatever. Our friends at Caffé Delia (9622 16th SW in downtown White Center) sent word that they’re open 8 am-noon today. Happy Thanksgiving!

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White Center food & drink: Sign’s up for Noble Barton

August 23rd, 2015 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Food, White Center news Comments Off on White Center food & drink: Sign’s up for Noble Barton

Thanks to Stefanie at Proletariat Pizza for the photo and tip – the sign went up this weekend at Noble Barton, taking over the former Papa’s Pub (and briefly Meander’s) space at 9635 16th SW. It’s long been in the works – we saw the name on a liquor-license application many months ago. An early-stage website declares it to be a place for “comfort food, comfort mood.”

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Happy Thanksgiving! Where to get coffee today

November 27th, 2014 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Holidays, White Center news Comments Off on Happy Thanksgiving! Where to get coffee today

Two White Center coffee shops have announced they’re open this morning – Caffe Delia downtown, and Dubsea Coffee in Greenbridge. 8 am-noon for both, so wherever you are, you can get local coffee to go with your Thanksgiving breakfast.

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Dubsea Coffee update: Reopening on Friday – and celebrating anniversary

November 13th, 2014 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Crime, Greenbridge, White Center news Comments Off on Dubsea Coffee update: Reopening on Friday – and celebrating anniversary

Following up on Wednesday’s story about repeat burglaries at Dubsea Coffee in Greenbridge, the shop was closed again today, so we inquired to see when it’ll reopen. The answer:

Dubsea will re-open tomorrow (Friday Nov 14), with slightly shortened hours from 7 am-5 pm. We will resume regular hours once things normalize.

Tomorrow is also Dubsea’s 5th birthday. We truly look forward to spending it in the company of our guests.

We appreciate … all the care, kind words, and support from our neighbors. We love this community. We are here to stay.

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Teachers urge support for burglar-besieged Dubsea Coffee

November 12th, 2014 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Crime, Greenbridge, White Center news Comments Off on Teachers urge support for burglar-besieged Dubsea Coffee

(Crossposted to partner site West Seattle Blog)

That’s the sign you’ll find today on the door of Dubsea Coffee in Greenbridge (9910 8th SW). A teacher at nearby White Center Heights Elementary School messaged us to say the area’s been hit with a series of burglaries, and that Dubsea has been broken into three times in the past week and a half. We reported the first one here on November 3rd but hadn’t heard of the others; we’re checking with the King County Sheriff’s Office regarding the teacher’s report of other break-ins in the area.

The teacher wrote us because this, she says, is more than a matter of crime concern – she writes, “This coffee shop is the hub of the neighborhood and it is ALWAYS busy with people having meetings, enjoying coffee and sandwiches, children having playdates while frazzled moms drink their coffee, etc.” They are working on plans to show their support and want to encourage you to patronize the shop to help it recover. We’ll be following up.

ADDED 4:26 PM: KCSO spokesperson Sgt. DB Gates confirms a series of recent break-ins in the vicinity, “with a similar MO”:

Dubsea was one victim, with the nearby library/YMCA hit next, followed by the Dollar Tree, and then an elementary school burglarized on the 7th. The MO has been to break a window and steal cash. We have no suspect info other than believing in at least one of the burglaries there were two suspects. They have all happened in the late evening/early morning hours when no persons were present. The four cases have not been conclusively linked as being committed by the same suspects.

We encourage citizens to call when they see something out of the ordinary. It’s also a good time to remember to keep areas around homes and businesses well-lit as thieves love the cover of darkness, and to keep vegetation trimmed so that neighbors and passersby can see if something is amiss at a business (or home).

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Update: Caffé Delia reopens

October 28th, 2014 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Businesses, White Center news Comments Off on Update: Caffé Delia reopens

OCTOBER 28: In case you don’t use Twitter – downtown White Center’s espresso shop, Caffé Delia, announced there that they’ll be closed today (October 28th) because of illness.

OCTOBER 30: After two days of closure, Caffé Delia was scheduled to reopen today.

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White Center biznote: Caffé Delia reopens in new spot next door

April 2nd, 2014 Tracy Posted in Beverages, White Center news Comments Off on White Center biznote: Caffé Delia reopens in new spot next door

After almost six months, the new standalone location of Caffé Delia is open in downtown White Center. It’s right next door to Proletariat Pizza, where CD used to time-share. You can go see them until 4 pm today; the rest of the hours are on their website; see more of the new shop’s interior on the CD Facebook page.

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White Center coffee: Caffé Delia moving into its own space

September 25th, 2013 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Businesses, White Center news 2 Comments »

Since opening two years ago, Caffé Delia has been based inside the Proletariat Pizza storefront, in a time-sharing/space-sharing environment – open during hours when PP wasn’t. But now there’s big news, announced on the CD Facebook page:

It is with legitimate excitement and some degree of “holy shit!” that we are posting to tell you all that Caffè Delia will be moving into its own cozy little space in the heart of White Center.

It’s going to be right next door to where we are now. It will be very easy to find.

We have said this many times, but it bears repeating: We love White Center, and love to work at making great coffee for you all.

We had one goal when we started: make delicious coffee in Rat City. That is what we are going to keep doing.

One thing, and you are going to have to bear with us on this one. In order to open up our new joint, we are going to have to close our little coffee stand. Caffè Delia, Inside Proletariat Pizza, will be open every day until October 13. Then we will be closed until we open again right next door.

We’ll see you around for the next 3 weeks. And then, we’ll see you in a few.

The new space is part of the former Dzul Tattoo storefront, immediately south of PP; Proletariat, as reported here previously, has already taken the other part.

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Happening until 2 pm: Caffé Delia birthday party

November 10th, 2012 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Businesses, White Center news Comments Off on Happening until 2 pm: Caffé Delia birthday party

Have some music with your mocha! The Tallboys are playing at Caffé Delia in downtown White Center right now (with the coffee shop’s co-owner Matt on bass) till 2 pm, as CD celebrates its first birthday. Here’s our preview story from Friday. Caffé Delia is co-housed with Proletariat Pizza – 9622 16th SW.

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Happy birthday, Caffé Delia! Join the party on Saturday

November 9th, 2012 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Businesses, White Center news Comments Off on Happy birthday, Caffé Delia! Join the party on Saturday

(This story also appears on our partner site West Seattle Blog)

(Matt, Delia, and Eric – photo by WCN co-publisher Patrick Sand)
By Tracy Record
White Center Now editor

You could call Caffé Delia “White Center’s first co-housed coffee shop.”

Or, pop-up coffee shop, as its proprietors dubbed it.

It opened one year ago in the downtown White Center space that, by night, is Proletariat Pizza.

As with Proletariat, Caffé Delia’s proprietors are a married couple – Delia and Matt. And they say Proletariat’s Stefanie and Mike had the coffee-cohousing idea in the first place – stemming from a mutual-admiration society when Delia worked at Bird on a Wire Espresso and referred people to “the fun pizza place in White Center.”

We sat down with Delia and Matt to talk about their shop and its milestone anniversary, which will be marked with a party during Caffé Delia’s regular hours tomorrow (8 am-2 pm Saturday).

Read the rest of this entry »

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Happy 4th birthday, Big Al Brewing!

August 12th, 2012 Tracy Posted in Beverages, White Center news Comments Off on Happy 4th birthday, Big Al Brewing!

The first story ever published here on WCN, on August 7, 2008, was about the grand opening of Big Al Brewing in White Center. This weekend, Big Al’s has been celebrating its fourth anniversary, including a “Family Day” celebration today, with Eric Ode performing live till 5:30 pm.

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Need a jolt before the boom? Caffe Delia open today

July 4th, 2012 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Holidays, White Center news 2 Comments »

Some of your downtown White Center favorites are taking a break this holiday – like Full Tilt Ice Cream and Proletariat Pizza – but Caffe Delia, which operates inside the Proletariat storefront in the pre-pizza hours, is open for coffee today: 9 am-1 pm.

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Liquor transition: White Center’s store is closing three days early

May 22nd, 2012 Tracy Posted in Beverages, White Center news Comments Off on Liquor transition: White Center’s store is closing three days early

The state has just announced that instead of having May 31st be the final day for all state liquor stores, with June 1st the first day of privatized sales (that’s a week from Friday), it’s closing the stores in phases. The White Center store is currently scheduled to have its final day in business next Monday, May 28th. (West Seattle’s two stores both will be closed after Tuesday, May 29th.)

P.S. As previously noted, both Saar’s (the former Albertsons) and Bartell Drugs in White Center have applied for hard-liquor-sales licenses, along with the Walgreens that is on the West Seattle side of the city-county line at 16th/Roxbury.

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Liquor privatization: High bid for White Center store site’s license-application rights

April 23rd, 2012 Tracy Posted in Beverages, White Center news 3 Comments »

The auction for rights to liquor licenses at existing store sites is over, and the state has announced the high bids. Keep in mind the “winning bidders” – to be finalized by the state next week, and then given a five-day period to pay up – are not guaranteed licenses, nor the right to take over the stores; all they’re getting is the exclusive rights to apply for liquor licenses at these locations, but it’s up to them to negotiate a lease with the store owner(s). Kulwinder Pabla is listed as the high bidder for the White Center store, $130,100. The state has till June 1st to get out of the liquor business, when privatization, as approved by voters last year, takes full effect. The total amount bid on the license-application rights statewide was almost $31 million, according to the state’s news release.

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Cracking down on public drunkenness: With partners, White Center’s storefront deputy pursuing the plan

April 6th, 2012 Tracy Posted in Beverages, King County Sheriff's Office, White Center news 5 Comments »

If you see that sign up at a White Center business .. you’ll know it’s decided to cooperate with the new campaign in which King County Sheriff’s Office storefront Deputy BJ Myers is working – with the support of the White Center Chamber of Commerce, White Center Community Development Association, and North Highline Unincorporated Area Council – to crack down on chronic public drunkenness.

First, Deputy Myers worked with three beverage-distribution companies “to identify the problem and draft a ban that specifically targets the products most closely associated with the chronic public intoxication in downtown White Center.” The first phase, now under way, involves beverage reps asking retailers to join the program; Deputy Myers says some already have jumped in: “Over the next couple of weeks I’ll get an idea of which businesses are and aren’t participating.”

The original memo regarding the proposal was distributed at March’s NHUAC meeting; we had it in its entirety here.

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