FOLLOWUP: Popeyes, Starbucks taking shape in White Center

Passing 16th SW/SW 100th on Monday, we spotted the signs, one year after we brought you first word that Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and Starbucks would be opening new stores where White Center Chevron used to be.

While the Starbucks building signage wasn’t up yet, the sign answers a question we hadn’t been able to get the company to answer – yes, it’ll be a drive-thru, as will Popeyes. We did reach Starbucks today for comment on the opening timeframe; they tell us they expect the store to open in August. (As you might recall, the location will also feature a job-training program.) We are still trying to get opening info from Popeyes, via either their local franchisees or national HQ; no luck yet.

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10 Responses to “FOLLOWUP: Popeyes, Starbucks taking shape in White Center”

  1. Any word on the future of the former Dairy Queen? I feel like I read here eons ago there was a new owner or something, but haven’t seen much movement there.

  2. I just saw oninstagram that Lil Woody’s is coming…

  3. Lil Woody’s is going to be on 16th next to Beer Star

  4. AMD: Word in the neighborhood (mostly via mail carrier) is that it is being turned into a commercial kitchen for food prep and the back lot (that you may have noticed has been fenced in with barbed wire) is parking for food trucks which will use the commercial kitchen to prep their food for their trucks. Supposedly they will also have 2 or 3 vendors serving out of the front of restaurant, coffee I heard and something else.

  5. That’s got some good potential – commissary kitchens in Seattle are in short supply already, and have been kicking out smaller tennants in favor of things like Amazon and other larger food dealers.

  6. If that’s true, it sounds amazing!

  7. Any word on the former bar on the NW corner of 112th and 16th? An interesting mural was painted on the south wall at one point – an earlier renovation that never happened? And now it looks like it’s slowly getting covered on its way to becoming….something else?

  8. Nope. The guy who said he’d taken it over had also previously remodeled a building in West Seattle and dead-ended.

  9. Aretha Ayers Says:

    As a white center resident, all of this change is looking positive for the area. With all the crime lately it is exciting to see positivity and a face lift occurring in the neighborhood.

  10. LocalSnapper Says:

    I slipped over to the ex-DQ while picking up a pizza from the Hut across the street. Partial transcription of my snap of the construction permit:


    The back parking lot is also now completely surrounded by a heavy fence.

    So excited to see that place turning into somewhere to support our great and burgeoning Seattle food trucks!!