Former Hang Around/Wall reopens as medical-marijuana ‘lounge’

(Photos by Deanie Schwarz for WCN)
What had been The Wall and then the Hang Around is now Green Piece, West Seattle medical-marijuana purveyor Brionne Corbray‘s newest of of four nonprofit locations of his GAME Collective operation. WCN contributor Deanie Schwarz reports that Corbray’s new location opened early only for today, in honor of 4/20, a reference to not just today’s date, but also the counterculture code-name for marijuana.

Corbray says this is a “lounge” model, distinctive from medical marijuana “dispensaries,” patterned after the only existing, known lounge/cafe for medical marijuana in the U.S., the Cannabis Cafe in Portland.

Deanie reports that collective members will not only be able to obtain medical marijuana and medibles (food items made with marijuana), they will be smoking/medicating and socializing at the lounge, which has just undergone more than $50,000 in renovations and cleanup work. More to come on both this operation and the in-the-works Herban Legends dispensary about a block north. (Legal side note: These businesses are not authorized under state law. There had been some hope a state law to license and regulate them would become official this year, but after it passed both houses of the Legislature, it’s now in limbo because Governor Gregoire says she’s worried about the effects of signing it.)

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36 Responses to “Former Hang Around/Wall reopens as medical-marijuana ‘lounge’”

  1. Joe & Glennis Says:

    Is This the Reason we got thrown out of this place??? Bunch of Pot Mutts take over?
    Look at my Beautiful Bar…look what it turned too. OMG!
    SHAME SHAME SHAME!!! I bust my hump getting rid of trash like that and these people are gladly welcomed?
    I thouight that was still illegal yet and the Governer hasent approved it…So they should be arrested.


  3. If you are concerned – or if you are supportive, for that matter – you want to be calling your elected officials, as they provide direction to KCSO (and in the city of Seattle, SPD). We have no editorial position on this (or anything else) but we have been working extensively on stories about these new enterprises, and local officials have made it clear, since state voters authorized medical marijuana more than a decade ago, the law enforcers are waiting for some kind of guidance from the elected officials, who in turn appear to be waiting to see how the state regulation issue will pan out.
    If nothing happens this year, Seattle city officials told us they would have to take their own action on that side of the border, whether it is via writing their own regulations, or cracking down. Right now it seems as if the elected officials at the local levels are operating in something of a vacuum, trying to figure out the “right” thing to do (or not do). – TR

  4. I voted for “medical marijuana”. That’s a mistake I won’t make again.

    There were 2 kinds of people who voted in favor: those who thought they were doing the right thing for the seriously/terminally ill, and those who just want to get loaded.

    Next time around, recreational users will still vote Yes, but lots who voted out of compassion, now realize they were ‘had’.

    Can recreational users keep ‘medical’ mj alive by themselves? They’ll have to try … ’cause everybody else is wise to them, now.

  5. Thank you Tracyfor Your Service,as it says here…Federal law PROHIBITS THIS.

    Dosent matter is the state says its ok…its the Federal Gov. call on this. This is one of the reasons why the Dept of Justice is here…not only for the accused cops but all the questionable activities by the States Government laws that has been passed by voters. The Question is…why did it get on a ballot in the first place. They knew it was Federally Illegal…Washington State is Part of The USA and has to abide by FEDERAL laws.
    This is just my opinion.

  6. This is the Federal Law that is not permitting ANYONE in the USA to have this drug.
    This is the latest edituion. Where do anyone have the gall to overtake the laws of the USA?
    READ! its in Black and White…cant get any clearer…regardless!

  7. Yes, it’s the federal law. But it’s not being enforced in areas like this one where medical marijuana was approved by voters. Again, if you are concerned, you need to contact your elected officials, who make the policy and direct the civil servants to carry it out – that has been made clear in all the research we’ve done on this. In the case of White Center, that would probably best be expressed to County Executive Dow Constantine and King County Councilmember Joe McDermott – you can get all their contact info from their respective sections of – TR

  8. AND!…

    This is from the DEA Cant be any Clearer. Those people are not in comliance of the FEDERAL Law!!!

    Thank you.

  9. I am actually pro-legalization, but the fact that an establishment like this has been allowed to open in White Center blows my mind. With requirements for identification of medical marijuana patients virtually non-existent, this place is essentially acting as an illegal drug club operating in full view of law enforcement. As long as marijuana is illegal, there must be strict guidelines in place for how a regulated permit to use is acquired, and how it is used, including identification.

    What’s next? An opium den with morphine drips provided on site?

    We now have 3 marijuana facilities within a mile or so of White Center, just at a time when White Center was seen as possibly cleaning up it’s bad reputation. This is bad for WC and all surrounding neighborhoods. Tell me, when does the ‘bartender’ cut people off at this place? Or will customers be sent out to their vehicles in a state that no liquor-serving bartender could ever legally allow?

    I was a bit concerned over the facility going in at 35th & Roxbury. This news has tipped my concern over into outrage.

  10. geez you guys, read the constitution. Many things are regulated by the states. Drugs are being regulated by both right now, so eventually the courts will have to decide who’s turf gets medical marijuana.
    I don’t understand what about this place makes you assume they are a bunch of recreational pot heads- a prescription will still be required. I’m as worried as anyone about the crime and image of our neighborhood, but if this place is really only serving those with a documented medical reason to use marijuana, then isn’t that the idea? Isn’t that what you were voting for when you supported medical marijuana?
    And really, I much prefer a bunch of stoners wandering around the neighborhood then a bunch of drunks.if this new business wants to be a role model for medical marijuana then they will make sure the hookers and crack heads aren’t hanging around outside their door, which is more then most ofthe local bars do.

  11. so you really think this place is going to work?…Do you smell the coffee now? Are you kidding me? the doors will be opened, these guys are gonna sell to anyone…they dont even have a license to operate…i estimate the DEA will be there in a matter of hours to shut it down…you cannot compare alcohol (which went through prohibition in the 20-30’s) and now illegal drugs are trying to muscle in?. dont you thing the drug dealers are gonna hang out there again?…Wake up…Gosh, i cant believe how some people are so nieve to think that these spots are going to be regular businesses. There are not that many people require medical marajuana. Think about it….REALLY think about it. How the heck are they gonna make income and pay taxes…selling pot brownies? im sure the stoners will come in with Dad’s prescription pad and load up and sell to others in the streets. Cmom! There is no argument here. This should be dispensed by a licensed pharmasist only. Thats all, just like any other precription. This is NOT a viable and needed thing to be in an open store…and then they are going to smoke it in there too? again…what are you kidding me? (not YOU in general). Its illegal by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Thats all there is. you cannot VOTE or come with something to vote for if its illegal…Its like saying we can vote here in washington to shoot someone in the head if the punch you in the face. The voters voted on it but the Federal Government says its illegal and its manslaughter…get it?

  12. I agree with Acme. Amsterdam is a very lovely city, with tons of these types of establishments in it. If you make something forbidden, it increases the mystery. If you make something illegal, it increases the crime. If you were to make pot smoking legal, then Green Piece would be looked at like Company Bar – a cool new place to hang out. And yes, driving under the influence is illegal. And I would imagine that Green Piece will be, if not already, controlling just how much is being consumed by their patrons. Just as bars already make that judgement call.

    Let’s wait and see what happens. They are right down the street from the King County Sheriff’s Office after all…

  13. You would think that if they wanted to gain acceptance from outside the counterculture they wouldn’t wink at the 4/20 reference.

    I’m not opposed to much of this use… I would just make it a crime to be whacked out on weed, alcohol, or any other drug IN PUBLIC. Do what you want behind closed doors.

  14. 2close4comfort Says:

    I live a few blocks away from this place. My concern is not the folks who buy the medical bud but the ones who will try to rob it. Guns,violence a speeding get away vehicle. I have 2 children who have to walk near this location. Not a good area for this place!

  15. Keep the meds available for the patient…. Too many ignorant people comment here, If you had cancer, maybe your opinion would change…. Smoke a joint godddd

  16. […] Tropical Alki: ‘Ira Finkelstein’s Christmas’ movie crew brings palms (West Seattle Blog) Former Hang Around/Wall reopens as medical-marijuana ‘lounge’ (White Center Now) Share this:ShareFacebookEmailDiggStumbleUponReddit Filed under News […]

  17. Ugh. I find this really upsetting actually. Pro-legalization or not, this is NOT a good idea for the heart of White Center IMO. Sorry pot-heads, but I really hope this business doesn’t last.

  18. Who’s Constitution are you refering to? The Stae’s made up one or the REAL one from the USA? Tell me something, its ok for the cops and prosecuters to bust down the doors on meth houses, pot houses and crack houses, but in a Commercial building that cannot be licensed to sell this and not even have a Business license to boot and NO INSURANCE, its ok..RIGHT?
    So your further telling me that if I get a commercial building and start cooking lets say for argument sake….Meth and Crack…Your Washington State constitution says its ok. Am i going the right direction? Hmmm, lemme see, The cops just shut down a Pot house in Seattle yesterday but the ones here in White center is ok.
    ARE YOU JUST MAKING THIS CRAP UP as you go along. Medical Marajuana is ok by me but should be dispensed by a Pharmacist. It requires a presription and the LAW states that ONLY A LICENSED PARMACIST who went to school and graduated can ONLY fill Prescriptions. Do you see the irony here? Please if im wrong Please teach me. tell me other than this is against the LAW and the Federal laws too. So its ok for a Guy lets say Jamacia come here, put aon a great frontl grow this stuff, Sell it….not even a Pharmicist (other wise he will make real money) and dispense presriptions written by a Medical DOCTOR. So when the Gang Bangers and the freakin thieves and drive by starts…Kick yourself in the ass and hear me say “I told you so!”

  19. Joe & Glennis Says:

    Ok…i have been reading all of this but as you all know i was the owner of the Hang Around. Just to say i loved that place very much and the people who came to visit too. Just to say the licensing, Insurance that i had to get not alone the Liquor License that the State Requires to sell liquor that my wife and I paid, $2200.00. then i had to get insurance…2 millom dollar policy…then i had to get a fire permit and the business license and the Health department license. signage license…What did the guys of the Medical marajuana places have to get to open their doors? Please tell me. Not a Damn Thing. By the way,just FYI. That property as all of you all know is in litigation between me and the landlord and you all know that the location should not of been rented until this case settles. I even might be the new owner of that property if and when i win, who knows… That location is supposed to be frozen. Just FYI.
    Thank you people of White Center for helping me but the others who allow this, just really kinda slapped my wife and I in the face.
    The “Wicked Witch of White Center” (landlord of that bar) should be arrested and sued and it is happening now. Im the one who cleaned up that area, the others followed and everyone was happy. LOOK NOW went back to where it was and now worse. i attended the meetings and such. doesent make sense to me now. Sorry folks, Im Very Dissapointed in this whole experience.I will NEVER open a Business in White Center ever again. Thank you all and God Bless.

  20. I Think all of you better read this…Its the Department of Health Washington State and it refers to any laws or Bills pertaining to the Medical Marajuana referandum. In Fact …those places that are opened or even getting ready are in possession of illegal substance even from this state of WA. so why are they even here?

    Read on Please. and Please everyone do thier home work on this. PLEASE.

  21. Amsterdam is indeed a lovely city. Seattle is not Amsterdam, nor is White Center. It would take more than legalization to make even the slightest comparison, and I’m not even talking about architecture and geography. Europe is not a car based culture, so most people getting high in Amsterdam are not driving home. Nor do they have the high crime street scene that exists here. Establishments such as these should not be allowed until pot is legal AND stringent regulations – including taxes, police oversight, and licensing – are in place.

  22. Another thing – what’s to stop people without prescriptions from stopping in, ordering a Coke, and getting a second-hand high? Are ONLY prescription holders allowed on the premises? Somehow I doubt it….

  23. there’s a lot of ignorant posting here. personally, I’d rather see a marijuana lounge here than the alcoholic crackheads who used to make White Center a terrible place by hanging out at the bar that was formerly here, and the one before that. Do your research on MEDICAL marijuana before you post here thinking that it’s going to be some kind of opium lounge, where anyone can come in.

  24. You guys keep refering to Referandum 4/20. as all you brain surgeons and scholors might know that the word “Referandum” Means “to ask” as to REFER, as to its just a question.

    These guys are gonna go to jail and the landlord as well. I CANT wait to see that.
    a common guy gets arrested for having a sack and these so called owners of loungers are getting away with it?
    GO FEDS!

  25. It’s hilarious yet concerning to see after so many years, all the outrageous paranoia and absolute straight ignorance of so many people even in this day and age where we can obtain so much real information. And so many people just loving and in bed with the Feds…really pretty scary. I hope those guys keep on toking.

  26. And Enid – you really really just need to get a book that tells you the reality of Marijuana. Also no one can just go in off the street to the dispensary so no contact high and the contact high thing is mostly an urban myth, it takes quite a bit to get a contact high. Also, the funny thing is…I find the pot smokers to be almost to the one to be the kindest type of person. I can’t see why people are so scared of them and associate them with crimes? It’s just weird to see such vitriol from people who have not a single clue what Marijuana is about. In fact it is probably one of the most single healing herbs on the planet. To me it’s like saying – ‘hey here’s a plant that can get you happy, relaxed, kill pain, in some cases actually kill cancer cells (especially lung cancers – Harvard studies), and doesn’t impair you like any other drug – yet we want to ban it and at the same time make legal the worst of all the drugs – alcohol. How is that not insanity???

  27. I wonder what horrible illness these poor gentlemen are suffering from. Buttock pain? Hemmorhoids? Probably all of their medical problems are secondary to sitting around getting high all day. Thank god they have some “medication” for their afflictions. I was just thinking the other day while walking down 16th, stepping over bum vomit, what this place needs is a place for lazy stoners to hang out. What a joke. I went to Amsterdam once. The area around the red light district where all of the pot stores were was a total craphole. Sure, you could get pot legally, you would also get offers from scumbags on the street offering to sell you heroin. White Center is just going to get a reputation as a place where people can go to buy drugs, and along with the “medical marijuana”, the hard drugs will be here as well. We need to all write to Joe McDermott and Dow Constantine.

  28. I Really Wish you all STOP compairing Amsterdam to the America. If Amsterdam is so cool to you, then please Move there. This is America!the USA!, We do things the right way. They Police things different there and the people are in another or different way of life. Totally different from people here at home. Lemme know when you see a 12 year old stoner.Im SURE thats the next move. and the kids in schools hanging outside of these places. You dont see the big picture. you only see whats good for YOU!

  29. I thought they band smoking public places. What about the second hand smoke? I geuss you can smoke dope in a bar but not ciggs. The funny part about this is is that ciggs are leagel. Nice to here from you Joe

  30. Oh joe I don’t get it you said your sueing the owner and might own the building but then you said you would never do bussines in whit center. Which is it?

  31. Anyone interested in finding out more about the laws regarding Medical Marijuana Lounges and Dispensaries, particularly those currently operating in White Center and Top Hat are welcome to attend the next North Highline Unincorporated Council meeting. King County Representative Joe McDermott will be present at the meeting, as well as King County Sheriff’s office, to discuss these issues. The owner of the G.A.M.E. collective “Marijuana Lounge”, Brionne Corbray, was also invited, but refused to attend stating that he did not have to answer to this community about his business, as he is operating a “private Club” – Please plan on atteding – Thursday, May 5 at 7 pm – North Highline Fire Station – 112 Street SW. The agenda for the meeting has been submitted to this blog and should appear shortly.

  32. These people in White center with thier so called “private club” DOES NOT HAVE ANY LICENSE TO OPERATE …..ANYTHING!

  33. Joe & Glennis Says:

    @FoyBoy: If the ol gal cannot pay the settlement then she has to give me the property, in which i wouldnt mind collecting all the rents. BUT i dont think with all that Weed around white center, i dont think i want any of my patrons around that. I know that hypacritical but it is what it is. BUT…im still skeptical of opening up any businesses there for my self in the Center as of now.Another guy posted in another column here which cracked me up: No More “White Center” Now it’s “WEED CENTER”(… Thats a shame. Sorry White Center.Time to do a serious clean up there.)

  34. There is still a lot of ignorant “Red Necks,” still in White Center. I support anyone suffering from cancer to use anything possible to ease the pain and lack of appetite, as I have in the past. Do your research before you make these negative comments about laws and medical marijuana needs before you comment on something you know nothing about.

    Peace to all!!!!

  35. The medical mj is not the issue here benny, it’s how the establishment is being ran…I think most people here understand the need as an alternative treatment…but we can’t except the fact of what we see on the streets concerning this facility and the shananagans that trickle from it… Sounds like you might be a little biased towards red necks…what is your definition of a red neck anyway?

  36. Come on. This is 2011 and if there is anything to be learned form history is that prohibition does not work. And on the flip side it is not the job of our elected goverment officials to regulate what we use for medicine. Big brother has ruled our lives for way to long. It is time to rise and not take it any longer.
    People are screming about medical marijauna in the neiborhood! Shit look at all the bars serving alcohol to idiots going home and abusing thier families.
    What would all the alcoholics say if big brother shut down all the bars and liquor stores.