WHITE CENTER FOOD & DRINK: Boombox, Bizzarro, Good Day Donuts

January 31st, 2021 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Businesses, Food, White Center news Comments Off on WHITE CENTER FOOD & DRINK: Boombox, Bizzarro, Good Day Donuts

Three White Center food and drink notes:

BOOMBOX BAR: For the first time since Boombox opened at 9608 16th SW, it’s opening indoor seating on Monday, as King County goes into Phase 2 of the governor’s reopening plan. 25 percent capacity. Boombox enthused online, “It has been SUCH a long wait for us but we know it is worth it because truly we have the best community and friends in the best neighborhood ever.”

GOOD DAY DONUTS: The mega-popular donut shop at 9823 15th SW is opening seven days a week starting tomorrow, Monday-Saturday 8 am-2 pm and Sunday 9 am-1 pm. The shop adds, “Pre-order available all 7 days, yay!”

BIZZARRO ITALIAN CAFE: The new White Center restaurant at 9635 16th SW just got its liquor-license approval and is offering wine specials. 206-453-4441 is the number to call with questions/orders.

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WHITE CENTER BIZNOTES: Bizzarro Italian Café; Bloom Bistro; Boombox

November 9th, 2020 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Restaurants, White Center news 4 Comments »

Three White Center food-and-drink notes, and they all begin with B:

(WCN photo)

BIZZARRO ITALIAN CAFE: Thanks to Chris for the tip. This Wallingford restaurant is expanding to White Center, taking over the ex-Noble Barton space at 9635 16th SW. The announcement didn’t have a projected opening date, but we have a message out to ask. (Here’s the Bizzarro menu.) ADDED TUESDAY: Bizzarro responded to our inquiry:

Yes, Bizzarro Italian Cafe is coming to White Center and we could not be more excited. We have been serving the good people of Wallingford since 1986 and have been pining to come south for quite a while. Hopefully we will start delivery and take-out for our fresh made pasta dishes by the end of November and come spring time, after we add some comfort and funkiness to the space, we should start opening up for dine-in. Ultimately, Bizzarro is a neighborhood joint and White Center is a vibrant and exciting Neighborhood to be a part of. We want to create a space that is comfortable for families to celebrate in, first dates to occur, or just a place to swing by and grab some great food in a relaxed setting. People have been asking if our menu will be the same. Yes, Elk Bolognese, The Forest Floor Frenzy and all the favorites are coming with us. Plus some new special offerings in the bar to share.

BLOOM BISTRO: While checking on the future Bizzarro, we noticed the sign for Bloom Bistro was down at 9602 16th SW. They’ve indeed permanently closed after just 3 1/2 months in business, announcing:

Unfortunately, the time has come for our little dream to end. … We are not backed by a large corporation, trust fund or big GoFundMe project and between the global pandemic, which doesn’t seem to be getting better, the situation with our electrical box being tampered with and not being able to collect any insurance money for the incident, and having to close for a week due to poisonous chemicals in the air, the odds were stacked against us being successful. We are just two girls with a passion for fresh food and a love for this community and unfortunately, things were just not busy enough to maintain paying the bills. We have so much love and appreciation for every single one of our customers, farmers, butchers, coffee roasters, friends, family, and supporters. This truly breaks our hearts.

BOOMBOX BAR: A few doors down, a new incarnation is on the way for the ex-Swallow space at 9608 16th SW – Boombox Bar. No details yet – we’ll update when we get them!

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FOOD/DRINK: Anju closing temporarily after Sunday

October 10th, 2020 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Businesses, Food, White Center news Comments Off on FOOD/DRINK: Anju closing temporarily after Sunday

Tomorrow’s your last chance for a while to enjoy what White Center’s bar/eatery Anju offers:

Anju is at 9641 15th SW.

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FYI: New ‘adult-beverage ordinance’ now in effect in White Center and other parts of unincorporated King County

February 4th, 2020 Tracy Posted in Beverages, King County, White Center news Comments Off on FYI: New ‘adult-beverage ordinance’ now in effect in White Center and other parts of unincorporated King County

A reminder sent by the county’s Department of Local Services:

King County’s Adult Beverage Ordinance 19030 went into effect on Jan. 3.

This ordinance updates development regulations related to all adult beverage businesses—including wineries, breweries, distilleries, and remote tasting rooms—in unincorporated King County.

This ordinance will help King County prepare for and support the future evolution of the adult beverage industry in the region. It better implements and complies with the policies of King County’s Comprehensive Plan, Growth Management Act, and countywide planning policies.

The county’s Permitting Division, in coordination with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and Public Health-Seattle & King County, has developed a process for implementing the new law for both new and existing businesses.

Under the new ordinance, a business license is required in unincorporated King County for all businesses that manufacture adult beverages and including tasting rooms. The license fee is $100. A separate Temporary Use Permit may also be required for special events.

To get an adult beverage business license application, please call the county’s Permit Center at 206-296-6600 or email DPERWebInquiries@KingCounty.gov.

Within 30 days of receiving an adult beverage license application, King County will notify the applicant whether their application has been approved.

If approved, the business license is valid for six months. Before it expires, King County will send each applicant a letter notifying them of any additional actions needed to bring their adult beverage business into compliance with the ordinance.

To renew an adult beverage business license at the end of six months, each applicant must demonstrate substantial progress toward bringing their adult beverage business into compliance.

After the initial six-month license period, all adult beverage businesses must renew their licenses annually.

King County Permits is beginning the process of notifying affected individuals and businesses about these changes this month. Details are available at https://kingcounty.gov/adult-beverage

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ON THE WAY: El Buho gets its liquor license for downtown White Center spot

January 27th, 2020 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Food, White Center news Comments Off on ON THE WAY: El Buho gets its liquor license for downtown White Center spot

Earlier this month, the Instagram feed for Capitol Hill’s Tacos De La Noche shared that sneak peek inside the future El Buho, which has just been granted its liquor license for 9640 16th SW in downtown White Center. The captioo noted, “We unlocked the door to this space almost 6 months ago. … We hoped to be open two months ago but as always, there are things that will go wrong. It is important to remember that plans exist so that hardships can be endured. The plan, the goal, the light at the end of the tunnel, it guides us. The road has been long and hard and isn’t quite over yet, but We are getting Excited to share what we’ve been working on. Stay tuned, more to come soon.” (El Buho means “The Owl.”)

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Blu Grouse opening soon in White Center

July 23rd, 2019 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Food, White Center news 4 Comments »

Thanks to Gill for sending the photo and word that he had noticed the Blu Grouse (9839 17th Ave SW) open during Jubilee Days weekend. We went by today to check on it and found out that was just a sneak preview of sorts for the bar/restaurant that’s moving to White Center after closing in Georgetown. The crew we found there said they still have a few weeks of work to do before they’ll be ready.

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Future Primitive Brewing Company now open at ex-Big Al Brewing site

December 21st, 2018 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Businesses, White Center news Comments Off on Future Primitive Brewing Company now open at ex-Big Al Brewing site

Almost two years after Big Al Brewing closed at 9832 14th SW, the site is dormant no longer … Future Primitive Brewing Company opened there today. Our friends at Washington Beer Blog have details. The new enterprise originally was to be called Unified Brewing, as reported here last year, but plans changed along the way. P.S. Hours for the new establishment are at the bottom of this page.

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BIZNOTE: 2nd anniversary for Moonshot Coffee, and new hours

November 1st, 2018 Tracy Posted in Beverages, White Center news 1 Comment »

Thanks to Matt Weiner for letting us know that the coffee shop which followed his in downtown White Center is celebrating its SECOND ANNIVERSARY already! Moonshot Coffee opened in 2016 after taking over the former Caffe Delia at 9622 16th SW. And it’s now open 7 am to 6 pm.

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Now on display at Dubsea Coffee: ‘Synthesis’

September 6th, 2018 Tracy Posted in Arts, Beverages, Greenbridge, White Center news 2 Comments »

Been to Dubsea Coffee (9910 8th SW) lately? We just received this announcement about the art you’ll see there this month, by Brooke Fotheringham:

Synthesis – A photographic daydream at the intersection of genetic engineering and materials science

A visual exploration of the potential of genetic engineering to create innovations both aesthetic and practical to deal with surviving on a rapidly changing planet; a collection of new life and materials imagined by manipulating and rearranging botanical and synthesized forms. What if we could grow windows, lamp shades, or fiber optic cables the way diatoms grow their ethereal glass houses instead of manufacturing them in a more traditional sense?

“Synthesis” is on display through the end of the month, 6 am-7 pm daily.

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White Center food and drink: Anju Bar & Eatery sets grand opening for next Friday

August 18th, 2018 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Restaurants, White Center news 1 Comment »

(WCN photos, added Sunday)

Almost three months ago, we mentioned new food/drink places on the way to White Center, including Anju (9641 15th SW). Just got a note from Sam Jo announcing that Anju Bar & Eatery has set its grand opening for next Friday (August 24th), explaining the venue as “a new bar in White Center with Korean based bar food. In Korean, ‘Anju’ means food eaten with alcohol.” They’re in soft-open mode now and will even have their patio set up within a few days; their menu’s only about at half-speed while they “get things dialed in.”

But starting next Friday, Anju will be open 3 pm-midnight, with a 3 pm-6 pm happy hour.

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FIRST DRUNKY’S, NOW DOTTIE’S: Downtown White Center about to get Dottie’s Doublewide, courtesy of BBQ joint’s co-proprietor

January 10th, 2018 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Businesses, Food, Restaurants, White Center news 6 Comments »

By Linda Ball
Reporting for White Center Now

If the ’70s vibe is your thing, then you are in for a treat when Dottie’s Doublewide opens in White Center.

Nate Rezac, the pit boss and co-owner of Drunky’s Two Shoes, has partnered up with his old bartending friend B.J. Kaiser, to create a new concept where Zanzibar briefly lived at 9609½ 16th SW. We mentioned Dottie’s briefly two weeks ago, and finally got the chance to talk with them this week.)

Imagine walking into a retro, sort of midcentury-modern-looking doublewide trailer with ’70s art and vintage neon signs decorating the interior. That’s Rezac and Kaiser’s vision. Rezac has an old vintage travel trailer that they plan to cut up. The side with the door will become the façade; so to enter the restaurant you’ll be opening the travel trailer door. The other side of the trailer will be used in the back between the restaurant and the kitchen, so the food will look like it’s coming from a food truck. The back of the trailer, where the taillights are, will be used for beer taps.

To add to the fun, they plan to have a CD jukebox as well as a turntable with real vinyl records to choose from – or bring yours, and they will spin them for you! They plan to have house DJs from time to time, mostly on the weekends.

Rezac has been in the restaurant industry since he was 15-years-old, and creates most of the recipes at his restaurants. With family in Mexico, he knows a thing or two about tacos, and Dottie’s Doublewide will feature more than 20 varieties of tacos. Of course there will be traditional Mexican tacos, but also some with smoked meats from Drunky’s, vegetarian options such as portabella-mushroom tacos, avocado tacos, and egg tacos. As Rezac put it, a really “wide net” of tacos. Additionally, the menu will feature Tex-Mex cuisine, marinated carne asada, and al-pastor (boneless pork shoulder with pineapple).

Happy hour from 4 to 6 p.m. will be offered seven days a week with two-for-one margaritas. Rezac and Kaiser will have a full bar with an extensive tequila collection, in addition to beer and house wine, plus a selection of better wines. The retro-style bar will seat 20 patrons, with two 65-inch flat-screen TVs behind it. A projection screen will be positioned opposite the bar on a large wall. They plan to show sports or fun video loops – perhaps vintage themed.

Rezac will have a staff of five at Dottie’s Doublewide. He and Kaiser will be in the house as well. Monday through Friday hours will be 3 p.m. to close, with lunch on the weekends and hours of 11 a.m. until closing. Dottie’s will have a capacity of 80 customers.

Kaiser, who is also a general contractor, has built out several restaurants, and Dottie’s is moving along fast since they weren’t changing uses of the building, thereby avoiding many permitting and county headaches. That said, they expect to be open as soon as February 1.

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WHITE CENTER BIZNOTE: Zanzibar out, Dottie’s Doublewide in

December 28th, 2017 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Businesses, Food, White Center news Comments Off on WHITE CENTER BIZNOTE: Zanzibar out, Dottie’s Doublewide in

Ever since noticing brown paper over the windows at Zanzibar (9609 1/2 16th SW), we’d been trying to confirm whether it was closure or remodeling (though the former seemed more likely, given it hadn’t been open that long). Now a notice in the state liquor-license application list appears to have confirmed the former. The new establishment seeking a license for the spot is Dottie’s Doublewide, and the applicants are the owners of Drunky Two Shoes BBQ down the street. More to come.

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Checking in with The Lumber Yard Bar’s proprietors as they prepare to open in downtown White Center

November 27th, 2017 Tracy Posted in Beverages, White Center news 10 Comments »

(L-R, Michale Farrar and Nathan Adams, in front of the bar mural)

By Linda Ball
Reporting for White Center Now

Nathan Adams and Michale Farrar love to host parties and to entertain. It’s not unusual for them to have 100 to 150 friends over to their home for events such as their annual chicken and brisket feed in the summer. So, their friends suggested, why not make some money out of all this great talent?

The wheels started turning for the partners when Adams left his “day” job a year and one-half ago. Now, they are close to opening The Lumber Yard Bar in downtown White Center.

Though The Lumber Yard is intended to be an LGBTQ bar, Adams and Farrar plan to welcome everyone. They live just nine blocks away, but had looked everywhere for a place to build out their vision. They realized their own neighborhood was just the place, as more of the gay community is moving south due to high housing prices in Capitol Hill and elsewhere in the city.

It’s been in the works a while. “It took six months to get our building permit,” Farrar said. He said they’ve had the lease for 9616 16th Ave. SW since last December. The Lumber Yard Bar will have a full
liquor license in addition to beer and wine, plus upscale bar food created in the downstairs kitchen, by Adams and Farrar and one other cook. The menu will include Cuban pulled-pork sliders, brisket sliders, brisket chili, pork-belly mac-and-cheese, baked olive bites, and a mashed-potato bar, to name a few items. They plan to have better-than-typical bar wine, with bottle service to drink at The Lumber Yard or take home.

Adams and Farrar have done much of the interior buildout themselves, along with a small crew from Treiber Building.

The interior plays up on the name with attractive wood-looking flooring (that’s really luxury vinyl), a 24-foot-long wooden bar, old cedar fencing (above) on some of the interior walls which they’ve painted, reclaimed wood, some of the old chairs from the Fremont Theatre, and a large mirror framed in timbers. Farrar said working with the old building has been challenging.

Local artist David Johansson created a forest mural, which hangs behind the bar (top photo). A long communal table will seat 12 to 14 people in the upstairs area, with more seating in half-booths and ottomans downstairs. The downstairs area will be what the partners call more of a “speakeasy” with an edgy feel, harkening back to the days when gay bars had to “hide out.”

Total capacity inside is 96, but in the summer they will be able to seat 40 to 50 more in a fenced outdoor patio. Plans are to have “Yappy Hours” when you can bring your best four-legged friend – only on the patio. There are restrooms on both levels, and a changing room for entertainers. Upstairs there is a small area for live entertainment and the sound system. With four big-screen televisions upstairs and two downstairs, they will screen Seahawks and Sounders games, playing music videos on non-game days.

Once open, they will have a total of 12 staff – Farrar still works as a systems analyst for Starbucks, a career he’s had for 18 years, but both he and Adams will be very involved day by day. Hours will be 4 p.m. to midnight Monday – Thursday, 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. Friday, noon to 2 a.m. Saturday and noon to midnight on Sunday unless there is a game, when they will open earlier and serve brunch. They also will have a teachers’ happy hour from 2-6 p.m. on Friday.

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SALE TODAY: At Unified Brewing’s future home

August 12th, 2017 Tracy Posted in Beverages, How to Help, White Center news Comments Off on SALE TODAY: At Unified Brewing’s future home

The folks who are turning the ex-Big Al Brewing site into Unified Brewing are inviting you to their big sale today – noon-5 pm, benefiting WestSide Baby.

We’re encouraging people to come by and say hi even if they’re not in the market for anything, but are curious about our project.

Some of things we’re selling are:

Patio Furniture
Filing Cabinets
Bistro Tables
Coat rack
Cash Register
Brewery Memorabilia

Unified Brewing is at 9832 14th SW.

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White Center’s first Starbucks opens with training program brewing as well as coffee

August 5th, 2017 Tracy Posted in Beverages, White Center news Comments Off on White Center’s first Starbucks opens with training program brewing as well as coffee

By Tracy Record
White Center Now editor

A few hours from now, the new White Center Starbucks coffee shop at 16th/100th will start its second day of business.

We were first to bring you word it was on the way, a year ago, and first to report its opening date. Now it’s here, and the company has gone to great lengths to try to ensure that this doesn’t play out as a case of a corporate marauder moving into a fiercely independent community, albeit one that’s not far from its corporate HQ in SODO.

Before the opening-day bustle, we were invited to visit earlier this week, to hear about the store’s unique features.

What you see atop this story is one of them – a mural near the entrance, painted by an employee – “partner” in Starbucks’ parlance – Victor Melendez. And the people are what the Starbucks reps most wanted to talk about. We sat down for a few moments with Nicole Lopez, district manager (West Seattle, White Center, SODO, Georgetown), and Rodney Hines, director of U.S. social impact.

We photographed them in the “training center” area of the White Center store, which will be used for vocational training that could lead to jobs at Starbucks or elsewhere. The company had announced in September of last year that it would partner with a local nonprofit, in a model it’s already used in a handful of other stores around the country, and the one chosen here is the YWCA (which has a nearby base at Greenbridge). They’ll also work with Highline Community College. The curriculum for the training center will teach customer service. The training-center space also potentially will be available as a community hub for meetings and gatherings.

Meantime, they tout the fact that the White Center opening means some Starbucks workers who live nearby could transfer to the new store – workers who, Nicole explained, were taking multiple buses to their jobs at stores farther away. The new store has a staff of 22, five part-time and the rest full time (at least 32 hours). Nine were new hires, the rest transfers.

The staff, as a result, Rodney added, reflects the community. And they’re proud to say the store – one of two new buildings constructed where the old White Center Chevron was razed – was built by a woman-owned business, Saybr Contractors, the firm’s first project for Starbucks.

As of our pre-opening visit, Starbucks was still seeking one more component to their local economic-development program – a local maker – woman or person-of-color-owned business – with whom to partner, creating consumable products that could be sold in the store, and perhaps beyond.

Speaking of consumable – something unique to this location, Nitro cold brew on tap – so they’re expecting to be offering “lots of samples.” Also , this is one of a few Starbucks stores selling Mercato food, made fresh daily and donated (if there is unsold food) nightly to food-security programs.

The new store is open 5 am to 9 pm.

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Next grand opening in White Center: Starbucks, on August 4th

July 25th, 2017 Tracy Posted in Beverages, White Center news 8 Comments »

Thanks to Gill for first word on this – he said Starbucks team members in their Jubilee Days booth told him the new drive-thru at 16th/100th would open on Friday, August 4th, and we have confirmed that with a company spokesperson. (For our most-recent update a month ago, Starbucks had said “August,” without specifying a date.) The opening will be 14 months after we broke the news that Starbucks and Popeyes (which opened two weeks ago) would open at what was the White Center Chevron site. When Starbucks finally confirmed it four months after that, they explained it’s part of a plan to open stores in “at least 15 diverse, low-to-medium-income communities” around the U.S. by next year, and that it would include a job-training program.

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FOLLOWUP: Unified Brewing to take over ex-Big Al’s

June 13th, 2017 Tracy Posted in Beverages, White Center news 3 Comments »

(Photo courtesy Unified Brewing)

Just in – the announcement that the former Big Al Brewing location at 9832 14th SW in White Center has a new brewery moving in:

After nearly two years of searching for a location, and trying to keep our plans under wraps, we are excited to introduce to the world, Unified Brewing Company. We recently signed a long-term lease to move into the old Pacific Rim Brewing / Big Al Brewing location in White Center. There has been a brewery in that building for nearly twenty years and we’re happy that we can continue that tradition of being White Center’s Brewery.

We’ll be doing a little more than putting on a fresh coat of paint. We recently put down our deposit on a new 20bbl Brewhouse from JVNW out of Canby Oregon, a manufacturer we feel is at the top of their game for brewing equipment. We’ll brew a wide variety of styles to be served in our brewpub as well as some limited distribution.

Our team collectively has over 50 years experience in the beer world in all facets from Production, Importing, Distribution, and Publican:

Our partner and Brewer, Kevin Watson, has brewed for over 18 years for the likes of Hales, Allagash, and most recently Elysian Brewing. Having grown up in White Center, he is pleased to be making beer just down the street from where he played little league and mere blocks from where he first homebrewed in his parents kitchen.

Mike Baker, former founder and owner of Baron Brewing Company in South Park, Seattle, is also responsible for bringing delicious German beers to the U.S. through his import company NW Beverage Group.

Dean Hudgins and Ian Roberts are the owners of The Pine Box, a successful craft beer bar on Capitol Hill.

New to the beer biz is Larry Solomon, a friend from across the bar top with a wealth of business knowledge.

Mike Baker and Ian Roberts are also two of the founders and organizers of Seattle Beer Week, a ten-day celebration of all things beer across the city, now going on its 10th year.

With all of our renovations, licensing, and equipment on order, we plan to be open to the public early 2018.

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Opening night for Beer Star in downtown White Center

May 26th, 2017 Tracy Posted in Beverages, White Center news Comments Off on Opening night for Beer Star in downtown White Center

A building with quite a past has just stepped into its future. It’s opening night for Beer Star, on the southwest corner of SW 98th and 16th SW in downtown White Center. 700 bottled and canned beers…

48 on tap …

Even a kids’ play area.

The building’s past identities include the Epicure Restaurant and, more recently, The Wall, The Hang-Around, a medical-marijuana lounge, and the Rose Petals restaurant. The team behind Beer Star, per Eater, is headed by James Weimann and Deming Maclise, who have venues elsewhere in the city, and the space will soon include a Li’l Woody’s burger joint – you’ve probably seen the sign on the east side of the building; Li’l Woody’s already has a WC tie, making its shakes with Full Tilt Ice Cream.

Meantime, if you want to be part of Beer Star’s first night, it’s expected to be open until 10 pm.

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White Center food and drink: Zanzibar now open

April 6th, 2017 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Fun, Restaurants, White Center news Comments Off on White Center food and drink: Zanzibar now open

You’ve probably seen the sign, if you haven’t been in already. Now we have confirmation that Zanzibar has opened at 9609 1/2 16th SW. From Sarah Friesema:

New bar with food has opened in White Center – Zanzibar features local craft beer on tap, wine, full liquor license, and food including panini sandwiches and some street food favorites. Live music, no TVs, and a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Open 3 pm to 11 pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, midnight Fridays and Saturdays. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

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WHITE CENTER BIZNOTE: My Choice Espresso reopens

January 23rd, 2017 Tracy Posted in Beverages, Businesses, White Center news Comments Off on WHITE CENTER BIZNOTE: My Choice Espresso reopens

Coffee fans are reminded that My Choice Espresso has reopened. It was closed for three months before new owner Andre Johnson took over, we’re told, but now it’s back in business and ready to serve you. The stand is at 10439 16th SW and open 5 am-5 pm Mondays-Fridays, 6 am-5 pm Saturdays, 7 am-3 pm Sundays.

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