Blu Grouse opening soon in White Center

Thanks to Gill for sending the photo and word that he had noticed the Blu Grouse (9839 17th Ave SW) open during Jubilee Days weekend. We went by today to check on it and found out that was just a sneak preview of sorts for the bar/restaurant that’s moving to White Center after closing in Georgetown. The crew we found there said they still have a few weeks of work to do before they’ll be ready.

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4 Responses to “Blu Grouse opening soon in White Center”

  1. HelperMonkey Says:

    Yay! We’ve been anxiously awaiting this. Blu Grouse is the best!

  2. Stopped in during Jubilee Days. The ambiance was nice but the beer came in a 7$ / pint. Way too expensive. Cap hill prices seem to be coming to the neighborhood sadly.

  3. Where is it located?

  4. Oh sorry, that was a big omission: 9839 17th Ave SW

    Also now added above.