Lakewood Park graffiti vandalism – again

Dick Thurnau with Friends of Hicks Lake reports that graffiti vandals hit various structures, including the picnic shelter and restroom, at Lakewood Park (home of Hicks Lake) on Tuesday – one day after a paintover of previous vandalism. “Even over the student-painted murals,” says Dick, who says something has got to be done about this recurring problem.

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One Response to “Lakewood Park graffiti vandalism – again”

  1. I’ll post more details later, but for now:
    The graffiti on the murals is too much to wipe off (goof off does work for small things), so I will be re-painting the murals this Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. Please come join me if you can-if enough of us work on them, we could restore all the murals in one afternoon.