White Center Community Safety meeting report #1: New graffiti-fighting plan

Just back from the White Center/South Delridge Community Safety meeting, with lots of information that we will break into at least three reports. First one — King County Parks’ draft proposal for dealing with graffiti, in the wake of the latest wave of tagging vandalism at White Center-area parks. The county Parks Department‘s Evergreen District manager Sam Whitman presented the four-point plan: #1, parks staff will try to remove or cover up graffiti “as soon as it appears,” with county painters following up to restore the original color scheme. #2, community members need to report graffiti-vandalism damage as soon as possible by calling Whitman (his number’s at the end of this post), and by helping clean up/cover up graffiti IF parks staff can’t get to it soon enough. #3, extra support for graffiti removal from Community Service officer Vary Jackson and Department of Corrections crews. #4, proactive work to develop and maintain murals in the parks, as a way of discouraging tagging vandalism. Whitman says the goal here is to remove/cover graffiti within 24-38 hours, and adds that the county has hired “seasonal” painting help to support the effort; to report park graffiti, call him at 206/296-0572. More from the Community Safety meeting in separate reports later tonight.

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One Response to “White Center Community Safety meeting report #1: New graffiti-fighting plan”

  1. Dick Thurnau Says:

    As a member of Freinds of Hicks Lake. Hicks Lake which is located in King counties 30 plus acre Lakewood Park. Painting out Graffiti solves the problem only for a short time and gives the taggers a clean slate. Suggestion install a full time care taker( maintenance worker) to occupy the Park House to provide a deterrent. Sam whitman noted Graffiti increases when the two schools located next door are in session.