VIDEO: Lighting White Center’s 2021 Christmas tree

That’s the 2021 White Center Christmas tree in all its splendor, in the mini-park outside Mac’s Triangle Pub at Delridge/16th/Roxbury. Mr. and Ms. Claus were there for the occasion:

So were some excited kids:

The actual lighting – before dark – had a few stops and starts, but good cheer all around:

For the icing on the cake, the pub was showing the Seahawks game, and they were on the bring of their 30-23 win over the FortyNiners.

P.S. The tree is sponsored by not only Mac’s but also Center Tool Rental and Meat The Live Butcher.

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3 Responses to “VIDEO: Lighting White Center’s 2021 Christmas tree”

  1. We enjoyed the Christmas tree lighting which had a few stumbles getting the lights on but what an enthusiastic crowd including the Santas! Little kids (and big kids) faces shown. Make sure to check it out.

  2. Happiness!

  3. Appreciate, Doug, Mac and Tom making this happen again this year!! So appreciate the efforts that go into making our community stronger!