UPDATE: Crash investigation at 8th/Roxbury after deputy hits pedestrian


6:10 PM: 8th/Roxbury will be at least partially blocked for a few hours because of a crash investigation. A King County Sheriff’s Deputy hit a man who was walking across the street, according to KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West. While the man’s injuries are not believed to be major, he’s been taken to Harborview Medical Center, and because a deputy was involved, KCSO’s major-crash investigators are coming to the scene, and their work usually takes a few hours. Our crew says westbound traffic on Roxbury is completely blocked, while one eastbound lane was open, and some southbound traffic on 8th was also getting through. We probably won’t know more about the circumstances until tomorrow.

9:27 PM: Couldn’t get back to check until now, but in case you were wondering, the intersection is completely clear.

TUESDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: Sgt. West says the 65-year-old man who was hit was not in the hospital for long and was released last night. Here’s how they believe it happened: “The deputy was northbound on 8 Ave SW and was stopped at the red light at Roxbury. When the light turned green he waited for traffic to clear so he could make a left turn to go westbound on Roxbury. The pedestrian was in the cross walk on the west side of the intersection crossing from south to north. The man had just reached the first westbound lane when he was hit by the bumper of the police vehicle making the left turn. The northbound light was green and the status of the pedestrian crossing light is unknown.”

She says the deputy was in an unmarked SUV and was estimated to have been going 10 mph or less when he hit the pedestrian.

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One Response to “UPDATE: Crash investigation at 8th/Roxbury after deputy hits pedestrian”

  1. Was, or shall I say WHEN, will the deputy be sited?