Memorial for fallen deputies: Sheriff’s Office searching for family members

From the King County Sheriff’s Office, as they prepare to dedicate a memorial to fallen deputies, including White Center’s Deputy Steve Cox:

The King County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help locating any and all family members of King County Sheriff’s Deputies who have fallen in the line of duty. The Sheriff’s Office is dedicating a memorial to the 16 deputies who have been killed in the line of duty since the county was created in 1852.

The Sheriff’s Office will be dedicating a memorial to the deputies at 10 am on December 2nd at the King County Courthouse and would like family members of the fallen deputies to be present during the historic unveiling. If you are a family member or relative of one of these fallen deputies please contact Captain Greg Thomas at

The fallen Deputies are (in alphabetical order);

Deputy Donald A. Armeni
End of watch
September 15, 1954

Deputy Mark William Brown
End of Watch
February 27, 1999

Deputy William G. Cherry
End of Watch
March 6, 1853

Deputy Richard S. Cochran II
End of watch
May 22, 1991

Deputy Steve E. Cox
End of Watch
December 2, 2006

Deputy Richard Anthony Herzog
End of Watch
June 22, 2002

Detective Sergeant Samuel A. Hicks
End of watch
June 24, 1982

Deputy Thomas Meehan
End of watch
November 13, 1935

Deputy George Poor
End of Watch
July 26, 1891

Detective Michael L. Raburn
End of watch
March 27, 1984

Deputy Robert Carl Scott
End of Watch
April 4, 1920

Deputy Norman F. Silkworth
End of Watch
March 7, 1952

Special Deputy Steve Watson
End of Watch
July 9, 1934

Deputy John Williams
End of watch
March 18, 1903

Sheriff Louis V. Wyckoff
End of watch
January 20, 1882

Deputy Posseman Cornelius Rowley
End of Watch
July 4, 1902

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