Will a garden tour by any other name smell as sweet? One tour’s name will change

By Tracy Record
White Center Now editor

Nine months after the last White Center Jubilee Days festival and three months before the next one, the local business owner who organized last year’s WC Garden Tour in connection with the festival says she’ll run a tour under a different name this time. This, after the Jubilee Days board went public with accusations via Facebook, and sent her a letter demanding that she stop using the name “White Center Garden Tour.”

We contacted Village Green Perennial Nursery owner Vera Johnson for comment after readers pointed us to this post on the Jubilee Days FB page, accusing her of focusing last year’s tour promotion on her business instead of WCJD. Festival organizers also published a cease-and-desist letter on the Jubilee Days website. Here’s how Johnson answered our inquiry:

The WC Garden Tour was started by Peggy Weiss 20 years ago (she and I are in direct contact). Peggy fully supports me taking over the garden tour, as an educational tool/experience and fun community event.

However, to avoid any community conflict, I’d prefer to be respectful to the people who the tour is intended for, which are the gardeners and tourgoers; I will change the name of my garden tour to the ‘Village Green Tour of Gardens’… in White Center’ and move forward towards a happy and joyous gardening season and look about the gardens we have already lined up, visiting the gardens, and connecting with the tourgoers.

The ‘Village Green Tour of Gardens’… in White Center’ will still take place on July 20th; all information will remain the same.

According to the Jubilee Days website, the festival is having its own garden tour on July 14th.

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4 Responses to “Will a garden tour by any other name smell as sweet? One tour’s name will change”

  1. Thanks, Justin – That’s hotlinked in our story too.

  2. yeah, I saw that after I posted it. Problem with reading things on a phone.

  3. Who really cares anyway. This is totally blown up over nothing. Jubilee days is a joke.