What the helicopter was doing

Still a story in progress, but within the past hour, a TV helicopter was over White Center/Highland Park, and answered a question via Twitter that it was checking out an “unconfirmed marijuana bust.” King County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Cindi West confirms that a search-warrant operation is in progress but was still gathering information, so we hope to have details a bit later.

ADDED WEDNESDAY: Sgt. West says a search warrant was served in the 9600 block of 16 SW: “Once we got into the place, we found that it was a Medical Marijuana grow. Deputies said that the place was ‘semi-compliant.’ The issue was they had more plants than permissible. Deputies said they are working with the owner to bring them up to compliance. No arrests were made.”

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2 Responses to “What the helicopter was doing”

  1. yea it was hovering over my house for a bit. wondered what was going on but didnt really know. figured either a crime scene or drug thing.

  2. 9600 Block of 16th? Is that Herban Legends or the Co-Op?