South Park Bridge reminder: Shutdown night is almost here

Thanks to Gill for the photo – apparently if you catch that sign at just the right instant, half the illuminated words and numbers disappear. The handwritten sign below, however, speaks more loudly. We’re taking the occasion to point you to a news release the county sent around today – for anyone who didn’t already have this burned into their awareness, 7 pm this Wednesday is the moment that the South Park Bridge is scheduled to close for good – more like “open” permanently, as the leaves will be raised so vessel traffic can make it through. The community is planning a 6-10 pm wake with art, music and more, and inviting you to be part of what they hope truly will be just a temporary end to their link across the Duwamish … the push for a new bridge now has $80 million of the $130 million funding commitment that’s neded. P.S. An important part of the reminder is that the bus routes that are changing because of the bridge shutdown will start their new routes at 5 am Wednesday – so tomorrow is the final full day of those routes (explained here) the way they are.


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3 Responses to “South Park Bridge reminder: Shutdown night is almost here”

  1. Obviously it’s more important for Patty Murray to support billionaire Paul Allen and his Vulcan Inc. South Lake Union projects. Yes, vote for “change” in November by voting out the three term incumbent that served as senator during the entire Bush administration. You can read about Patty Murray favoring corporations over citizens here:

  2. Thanks, Gill. It is a shame.

    I’ve attended some of the community meetings about the bridge closing and it’s clear that this is a tragic event for the people of South Park. To their credit, they are not letting this pass without appropriate recognition for the bridge that has been a life line for their community.

    South Park is holding an Irish wake for the South Park Bridge beginning at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow night. It’s going to be an opportunity to support and celebrate our neighbors just down the hill and it’s promising to be quite an event:

    6:30 – 6:45pm: Duwamish Tribal Drums will cross the bridge

    6:59 – 7pm: Moment of silence.

    7 – 7:20pm: Bag-Pipers pipe for the final raising of the leaves

    7:30 – 8pm: New Orleans Funeral Band (Pony Boy Antiphonal Street Band)

    8 – 8:30pm: Latino Roots/folk band (Trio Lucero del Norte) plays

    9 – 9:30pm: Baby Gramps Blues plays

    The people of South Park are our neighbors. Sure would be nice if the people of White Center helped to celebrate their community when they need it most.


    It is time to get “MAD AS HELL and

    We need everybody to “FLOOD” that bridge with
    people and vehicles at 1855 hours on Wed.

    Bring your WELDERS and weld that sucker right
    accross the connecting center joints.

    Maybe an old fashoned WESTERN SHOOT-OUT
    will show the world where SOUTH PARK
    REALLY is, not some cartoon on cable TV.