Followup: Sheriff’s Office e-mail about Deputy Jeff Hancock

As reported here Thursday and Friday, White Center’s popular storefront-based King County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Hancock is leaving WC. We’ve since received from a source an e-mail circulating in the community, from KCSO Major Jim Graddon, originally addressed to a North Highline Unincorporated Area Council member, also confirming the move, with some elaboration:

… Dep. Hancock presented me with his formal request to step away from the White Center storefront position. He has personal reasons why this is a positive move for him at this time. He has shared some of those reasons with me and I support his decision. It is his choice how he shares those reasons with others. I am asking my command staff to work with him regarding his next assignment within the precinct. He is not being terminated from the Sheriff’s Office, nor is there any such consideration.

In talking with Jeff it had been our plan to accompany him to the UAC meeting on July 1st for him to present news of this change but it is clear there is some information of this already within the community, so I wanted to at least share this much.

Jeff has served in a very stressful and challenging environment for 3 years. I have seen the good work he has done and the relationships he has built, and he is to be commended for all of his efforts. I know that makes his decision all the harder for him and the community. But allowing him to move away from this assignment is the right thing to do.

We are in perhaps the most difficult times I have experienced in over 3 decades of serving our communities. We have had staff reductions across our agency in the unincorporated areas and are facing more. As you know this necessitated putting all of our storefront deputies back in regular patrol functions, at least temporarily. We face critical budget decisions as an agency and are unsure of the future of the storefront positions. This is simply the reality of our present circumstance .

We have always felt strong support from our North Highline community and it is my hope that will not change. Very good, dedicated deputies continue to serve the community. You shared your concerns about a noticeable growth in criminal behavior in the area. We will continue to do what we can to address those concerns as best we can.

Major Graddon

James G. Graddon
Chief of Police – City of SeaTac
Precinct Commander – King County Sheriff’s Office
Southwest Precinct

As noted in Major Graddon’s e-mail, this is expected to be part of the agenda for Thursday night’s NHUAC meeting (7 pm at North Highline Fire District HQ) – the new agenda’s not online yet but you can watch the NHUAC site.

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One Response to “Followup: Sheriff’s Office e-mail about Deputy Jeff Hancock”

  1. here is Jeff’s letter of resignation from the White Center store front…..
    reading it thoroughly- it CLEARLY does NOT say that Jeff is requesting a transfer from White Center patrol- ONLY from the storefront position…

    So- questions for the Sheriff office and SUE RAHR specifically….





    also…there have been alleged ‘complaints’ about Jeff-
    and allegations that we as a community have lost faith in Jeff!!!

    can we see any of these complaints- are they from homeowners, business people? or drunks, gang members and street people?
    Should we call Internal affairs to see what happens to these complaints?

    To: The citizens of White Center
    As of 06-24-10 I have submitted a request for transfer from the White Center Storefront to Pct#4 Patrol. This request for transfer was made voluntarily by me for several reasons.
    As many of you know I have five children, and one on the way. The oldest is eight so it can get pretty hectic at home. My wife is truly amazing. She is a stay at home mom and home schools the two older boys. My job as the store front deputy has demanded much of my time over the years. My wife and kids would argue that on many occasions too much. The schedule for the storefront deputy is definitely not one conducive to family life. It is a 4-10 schedule (four ten hour days), which after my commute turns into a 4-13 schedule. Not to mention, this past year I have been working the Byrne grant gang overtime on Tuesdays and Saturday nights making my average week a 55 to 60 hour work week. It has taken its toll on my family life. With my wife being pregnant, as well as just recently being diagnosed with a serious medical illness, I need to spend more time at home. Along with this is the fact that I will receive a 3-4% pay increase by leaving the storefront and returning to patrol. With all of my kids and my wife’s illness this extra money will really help.
    I thank all of you for your support over the years. Many of you have asked me to stay in the store front and have hinted that you intend on petitioning the command staff to achieve that end. I assure you that the decision is mine and has already been made. I apologize for the lack of timely information in regards to my leaving the storefront, and any confusion it has caused. I want all of you to know that the Sheriff’s Office, from the Sheriff on down to every deputy on the street, wants what’s best for White Center. I have grown to really love and care for this community. Having said that, it would be very troubling for me to know that my leaving somehow, or in any way, has weakened the bond the community of White Center has with the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office on top of just serving White Center is part of the White Center Family. Unlike any other community I have worked in, White Center and the Sheriff’s Office have a unique bond. We are family. Now is the time to strengthen that bond.
    I have been honored to work here and please know that you will always be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Deputy Hancock.