Food drive today for White Center Food Bank

From the WC Food Bank website, Grace Church has a food drive today at Roxbury Safeway – give generously!


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2 Responses to “Food drive today for White Center Food Bank”

  1. I was just there, and they told me they are able to take turkeys. Turkeys over 16 lbs are only $0.27 at Safeway so why not buy one and donate it? It cost me $5.15 for the one I donated. If you have an extra $5, buy a turkey to donate!

  2. I love the idea! A food drive helps so many during the holiday season. I am the Box Tops Coordinator at Roxhill Elementary,and I currently holding a Campbell’s & Box Tops Food Drive Event. Donations will be donated to the food banks. I think by being apart of a community and helping each other in need is a great way to show thanks!