HELPING: North Shorewood Park gets more volunteer love

Thanks to Gill Loring for sharing photos from a recent volunteer event at North Shorewood Park. Crescent from King County Parks reported, “Together we planted 33 shrubs (evergreen huckleberry, black cap raspberry and serviceberry) and 1 Western Hemlock. It really was lovely to be at North Shorewood, get my hands in the dirt, and enjoy a beautiful park with you all. The plants you put in the ground will support future healthy habitat for bees, birds, wildlife, and people by providing things like food, shade and filtration of stormwater.”

Watch this page for future chances to help out!

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2 Responses to “HELPING: North Shorewood Park gets more volunteer love”

  1. Thanks for posting! Somebody in those photos looks very familiar…

    Anyway, this was back in January. Since then there was another volunteer day in March. In addition to myself and Crescent, there were about 10 high-school age kids who were participating in a youth program run by the County (I think).

    We planted more trees and did a bunch of work to clear out invasive weeds from around previous native plantings. After that there was a parkour session, which I didn’t attend.

    Both of these were a lot of fun and very rewarding. I’ve enjoyed going back to the park and tidying up around the new plants and trees. Crescent does a great job of organizing so it’s very easy to sign up and participate! It would be great to get more folks there for the next event. Think how much we could do with like 20 volunteers!

  2. Great work to all the volunteers and organizers! It would be wonderful to hear about these events in this blog before they happen. While it is helpful to have the link to watch for future events, it would be nice to get the word out here and in the White Center FB group to get even more volunteers at these events.