WHITE CENTER HUB: King County announces $3.2 million grant

(Rendering by SKL Architects – community-center side of the HUB)

King County has announced $23.4 million in grants for seven affordable-housing projects – and the White Center Hub is one of them. The grants are from King County’s Housing Finance Program, administered by the Department of Community and Human Services. From the announcement:

Community Roots Housing / White Center Community Development Association – $3,250,000

A redevelopment of the White Center Hub will provide 76 units of affordable housing as well as commercial space to house a community center and event space for programming.

Here’s our most-recent update on the project plan; more details are in this report.

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One Response to “WHITE CENTER HUB: King County announces $3.2 million grant”

  1. this is why we need to incorporate into a city, activists are pushing for these kind of agendas. Why not a Senior Center? We have the largest percentage of low income housing in our neighborhood and not incorporating as a city will only make our concerns not heard.