UPDATE: Helicopter over White Center

12:44 AM: If you’re seeing/hearing a helicopter over White Center – what we’re hearing in radio communications is that the Guardian One helicopter is helping deputies search for a stolen car.

UPDATE: Here’s what the Guardian One crew tweeted after the incident:

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2 Responses to “UPDATE: Helicopter over White Center”

  1. Barb Korducki Says:

    Typically the police don’t really care about stolen cars that’s what insurances for. That’s why so many in our area or stolen. It must have something in it or belong to someone important. Why would they take a helicopter to this car when there’s many other cars stolen every day?

  2. Yes, actually they do care about stolen cars – we have covered multiple cases of recovery, and at least in Seattle (I don’t know about the county) they actually have technology that scans plates of vehicles and detects them. G-1 isn’t always available (there are many incidents we hear, county and city, in which it’s requested but not available) but last night it was. Adding a little more info via a tweet that the helicopter crew posted after the incident.