WEDNESDAY: #BlackLivesMatterAtSchool action planned @ White Center Heights Elementary

Received this afternoon:

Upwards of sixty White Center Heights Elementary staff plan to participate in the October 19 #BlackLivesMatterAtSchool action by wearing Black Lives Matter shirts to school “to address institutionalized racism in our schools and offer a space for dialogue among school staff.”

The action, which is taking place in schools across Seattle, demonstrates that educators across the city stand together with the community of John Muir Elementary, which received racist threats in response to their planned Black Men United to Change the Narrative event last month.

White Center Heights staff members are hoping to spark a larger conversation in our classrooms, across our community and the Highline School District at large.

Any other local schools participating? Please let us know!

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One Response to “WEDNESDAY: #BlackLivesMatterAtSchool action planned @ White Center Heights Elementary”

  1. This conversation needs to happen. My thanks to staff members of White Center Heights Elementary School!