POWER OUTAGE: 7,700+ homes/businesses lose power in North Highline, Burien

As of 4:27 pm, power is out to more than 7,700 homes and businesses in Seattle City Light service area in parts of North Highline (map above from SCL website) and Burien (plus a few pockets of southeast West Seattle). No word yet on the cause. SCL is offering the guesstimate of 11 pm for restoration, but that is just a guesstimate, could be much earlier or much later. Note that assuming SCL’s map is accurate, downtown White Center is NOT affected – this is mostly south of 102nd.

5:28 PM UPDATE: The SCL map now blames “tree” for outage. Restoration guesstimate has updated to 11:25 pm.

6:13 PM UPDATE: SCL now says via Twitter “crews have now determined that the cause was due to a broken utility pole crossarm near the Duwamish Substation.”

6:47 PM UPDATE: About half of the original outage has been restored.

6:52 PM: And now all but ~500 are back on.

SUNDAY MORNING: According to the City Light map, everyone had power restored at some point very early this morning.

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One Response to “POWER OUTAGE: 7,700+ homes/businesses lose power in North Highline, Burien”

  1. I now have power at 112th & 16th thanks everyone for your hard work on this rainy Saturday night