Sheriff, fire chief to headline next North Highline Unincorporated Area Council public-safety forum

From North Highline Unincorporated Area Council president Barbara Dobkin, word of the slate for NHUAC’s next public-safety forum:

Mark your calendars.

The North Highline Unincorporated Area Council invites you to a Public Safety Forum:
Thursday, May 2, 7 pm at the North Highline Fire Station (1243 112th Street SW).

We are pleased to be hosting King County Sheriff John Urquhart and North Highline Fire Chief Mike Marrs.

Sheriff Urquhart will be here to take our questions, and listen to community concerns about public safety and the sheriff’s department staffing levels for the North Highline area.

Once again our White Center Storefront Deputy position is in jeopardy, as the special funding allocated in 2011 expires at the end of 2013. Will the 2014 budget include funding for this essential position?

The North Highline Fire District, which is funded solely by property tax money from North Highline, is facing critical financial challenges. Chief Marrs will discuss the history of our North Highline Fire District, operational status, and future challenges and options.

Also on hand will be our White Center Storefront Deputy, BJ Myers.

Please plan on attending and being part of this very informative and important conversation about life in North Highline.

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4 Responses to “Sheriff, fire chief to headline next North Highline Unincorporated Area Council public-safety forum”

  1. Ask the Sheriff why they need TWO parking spots in front of the White Center store front. Seems like one whould suffice
    since most of the time NEITHER spot is occupied.

  2. …since I don’t have idle time to watch and monitor these parking spots, I can only surmise they are out patroling or on police calls.

  3. I would have asked why they don’t stop all the drunks behind the samway from carrying on all day every day.

  4. Come on down this Thursday and ask them in person!