North Highline fire commissioners say ‘Thanks’ to Local 1810

The North Highline Fire District’s Board of Commissioners wants to make sure the community hears about this letter of appreciation for its IAFF Local 1810 firefighters – so they have shared a copy for publication. If you can’t read it in the Scribd format below – you can open it here as a PDF.

North Highline Fire Commissioners say thanks by

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One Response to “North Highline fire commissioners say ‘Thanks’ to Local 1810”

  1. This fire department ran into financial problems because of mis-management by the fire commissioners. There were salary increases and pensions packages given out that the department could not afford. That is why we had to have a bond put out to cover those serious errors. In there times when not as much money is coming in from property taxes, the situation only gets worse. Annexation or not we were in trouble from this commissioner error. Mr. Duff was on the commission then and helped to make that bad judgement call. He should never have been reappointed to the commission again. But now that someone allowed him to be on, he needs to watch what he is doing and not repeat his error again.