Followup: White Center Deputy Jeff Hancock’s status

We promised a followup on last night’s confirmation from King County Sheriff’s Office Community Service Officer Vary Jackson that Deputy Jeff Hancock says he’s leaving White Center. Deputy Hancock has gained respect and popularity as he took over the daunting role of following in the footsteps of murdered Deputy Steve Cox, and e-mails have been circulating with rumors regarding his possible departure and what would happen next.

Jackson’s statement at last night’s White Center Community Safety Coalition meeting (WCN coverage here) was the first official public word. Now we have learned from sources at the Sheriff’s Office that Deputy Hancock has requested a voluntary transfer from the White Center Storefront job “for personal and family reasons.” The sources tell White Center Now that he likely will be reassigned to Vashon Island (as noted by local entrepreneur Vera Johnson in a comment on last night’s story).

Looking for further comment, we checked with King County Sheriff’s Office media liaison Sgt. John Urquhart. He won’t confirm the reported transfer of Deputy Hancock but he did say that if the storefront position is vacated, another deputy would “very likely” fill it – “The dedicated White Center deputy is too important to the community to do otherwise.” However, he also reminds us all that possible 2011 budget cuts to KCSO mean “everything is on the table,” including the potential there will be no storefront deputies anywhere in the county. Right now, he says, Sheriff Sue Rahr has been told by the KC Executive’s Office to prepare for a 12 percent budget cut, which would mean more than $9 million – eliminating about 70 positions.

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4 Responses to “Followup: White Center Deputy Jeff Hancock’s status”

  1. Vera Johnson

  2. in the resignation letter-
    where does is say he wants to transfer from the White Center area?
    it states clearly that he wants to resign from the White Center Store front- ok
    Where is Jeff, why can’t we ask him directly?
    Why is he not at any of the meetings?

    I have asked him directly if he wants to leave White Center and he stated in no uncertain terms NO.
    He does not want to leave.
    The resignation from the store front is better for his family-
    ok, that makes sense

  3. Good questions Vera. WC needs some consistantcy with patrol too. Who does the community turn to with community issues now that we do not have a storefront Deputy?
    Hopefully Major Graddon can answer some of these questions at the NHUAC meeting tonight.

  4. Dick Thurnau Says:

    WC Blog report at the last NHUAC meeting Brownfield team not concerned on Hicks Lake Algae is concerning. Danger, warning and caution signage posted in fall 2009 and June of 2010 at the lake warning human and pets to stay clear of the waters Toxic Algae. The health of our children, students and adults at these facilites needs serious consideration of this polluted water body.
    Dick Thurnau