Constantine: “We can, and will, rebuild this bridge”

(County Councilmember Julia Patterson, one of the many elected officials who spoke at today’s announcement)
Just back from covering the official announcement of $20 million in state money for the South Park Bridge’s replacement, exactly one week before the current one is closed permanently. A dozen political and community leaders were there to share in the announcement, which brings the financial commitment so far to $70 million, more than half the cost of the replacement. More to come.


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3 Responses to “Constantine: “We can, and will, rebuild this bridge””

  1. So future bridge construction is 54% funded. The Tiger grant that was originally applied for would have provided 30Million or 23% of 130million. I read that the TIGERII grant we could get would be for less. So there’s still a significant amount of money necessary with the few(any?) potential financiers remaining.

  2. Actually the previous TIGER app was for a much larger sum – I don’t have time to look it up but something in the $90 mil vicinity. The number you cite is closer to what they are going to try for this time, and it is considered doable with a regional commitment backing it like the one that’s been assembled. But you’re right – that still leaves a chunk of change that has to come from somewhere … question is where …

  3. Thanks for the correction. I’m just worried this is a kind of stunt where everyone promises action but doesn’t properly fund it and it fails.