South Park Bridge closure-plan meeting: Full report

If you haven’t already seen it on partner site West Seattle Blog, here’s the link to our full-length article – with one video clip from a particularly impassioned community member – about last night’s meeting on the “draft closure plan” for the South Park Bridge. The plan itself also is available online, and is linked in the story.


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2 Responses to “South Park Bridge closure-plan meeting: Full report”

  1. Thanks for the link. Does Seattle really think that providing fire protection from Setatle Fire Stations in Highland Park and The Junction is adequate?

  2. The concern is both for fire & EMS service delivery.

    West Seattle Fire Stations nearest to South Park include:
    Engine 26- South Park (8 Ave S/S Cloverdale St)
    Engine 11 & Ladder 13- Highland Park (16 Ave SW/SW Holden St)
    Engine 37- Highpoint (35 Ave SW/SW Holden St)
    Engine 32, Ladder 11, Medic 32- Junction (38 Ave SW/SW Alaska St)

    When Medic 32 is out-of-service/committed to an incident, it will be much more difficult to get a Medic Unit into the south part of West Seattle- due to the closure of the South Park Bridge and the increased congestion along the 1 Ave S Bridge corridor.