Eviction notices posted at Hang Around Bar and Grill

While in White Center at lunchtime today, we walked by the Hang Around Bar and Grill and noticed two copies of a letter taped to its door, informing the occupants they are to be out by April 30th. This was foreshadowed in the court hearing we covered two weeks ago. But Hang Around proprietor Joe has left a comment on another WCN story saying the notices went up today and that this is happening despite their investment of $50,000 in the premises and so he feels, “WE GOT RIPPED OFF!!. Now we are asking EVERYONE for help to do something … we are begging for help, either to have us stay here or to have this state take over posession of this building for illegal activities or something. We have had it and we are so hurt we cannot believe this. How dare they!”


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16 Responses to “Eviction notices posted at Hang Around Bar and Grill”

  1. I’d love to help, but what can I do? Can’t Joe sue the owner for the money he invested in improvements or even defamation of character or something. This is unfair, but without a valid lease, he is kinda screwed. I sure don’t want this place to return to the gutter.

  2. Why in the world would you invest $50,000 in a property that was not only not owned by you, but that you didn’t even have a lease agreement on? I think what you were doing for the neighborhood is great, but that just doesn’t sound like good business sense.

  3. Joe & Glennis Says:

    Well… 50 grand was just not on the property, was DJ equiptment, lighting, Bar, TV’s Dance Floor, Roof patching, signs, stuff like that., Business stuff wasted there. We are not concerned about that, we are just hurt that the landlord and agent told us one thing, promised us a lease and the world and then said she didnt remember saying that and that we are terrable people. that’s what hurts. Just to clarify.Its the deception and maybe they wanted us to clean up the place after Pauls fiasco there so they could sell it or just give it to family or something. just wish this was honest from the beginning.

  4. Joe & Glennis Says:

    We will just have to go on, we have a band Friday night and we will do the best we can for now. you never know, something might turn around, just cant stand the Drama any longer. Thanks everyone for trying and being there. Love and Hugs to everyone!

  5. Hi, everyone. We need to see what we can do to help Joe and the Hang Around ASAP. The White Center Chamber of Commerece has been looking into drunks and dope users in the white center area. I would like to bring up Joe’s problem at the White Center Chamber meeting on Tuesday late afternoon. The meeting will be at the Sokha Coffee and Deli at 9602 16th Ave SW at 5:30 PM. Everyone interested in this problem and who would like to have it investigated should come to the meeting. You do not have to be a chamber member to attend and make comments. You however would not have any votes but could make your concerns known. I would hope that maybe we could get the chamber to write a letter to Joe’s Land Lady and Lawyer asked them to check out the phoney information and lies they are operating under. I understand that the Land Lady claims that the IRS called her with a complaint about Joe. There is something wrong and bad going on here. We all know that the IRS don’t call anyone. After the Land Lady and her Lawyer let the Wall and Moon operate there for years without and questions would make me believe that they like drug dealers, drunks and pan handlers. Joe has done more to clean up the area in the past 6 months that any one has been able to accomplish for over 7 years. This I believe should be investigated and checked out before joe’s Land Lady comnpletes what her and her Lawyer are doing. PS. Joe you attend the meeting if you can and if you are a chamber member so much the better. When we get a good business in White Center we better try and keep it. Thanks Bob Price

  6. Joe & Glennis Says:

    We will be there, we are chamber members and the public is encouraged.
    Thank you All!

  7. I think whats going on to you Joe is a bunch of bull, the things I have heard about you all have been posative. I as well have trespassed and been to court many times to keep the bums drunks and drug dealers off my block. I agree you made a deal in good faith and I think you should seek legal council, that place has always been a prime spot for drugs etc. I am glad you have done what you have done and I will be at the Chamber meeting to support you!

  8. Damien if you have ever openned a business you would understand there are many cost and exspenses. I would have to assume they had a fair agreement even if not thats not CartBlanc to rip someone off. I would have to agree that woman has been around here for years and at 86ish she is just used to the way things have been. Joe comes in here and doesnt put up with the crap some of the local drunks and druggies spew and boots them out. (thanks Joe) I think she is just taking advantage of the situation. Get an attorney you can tie this up in legal court for quite some time. Furthermore even verbal agreements give you some room to work with and your investment shows legal grounds that you planned on being around for a spell. You have a right to recoupe some of your money if anything. Hang in there Joe!

  9. Glad to hear Joe and Glennis will be at tonight’s chamber meeting at Sokha Coffee and Deli at 9602 16th Ave SW at 5:30 PM.

  10. Wish we could have gone, but the 2nd Tuesday of the month is just a zoo … four events to cover tonight in West Seattle alone, and we only have three people available, though if we’d had a fourth we would have sent them to this and just skipped the 4th WS story! If anyone posts a comment here about what happened, we’ll move it up as a standalone update (or you can e-mail us, whitecenternow@gmail.com) … thanks.

  11. Glennis is at the meeting and i will not be there because i am too upset with the LCB and the Landlord. i had enough of this. IM ASKING My attorney Gerald to start proceedings on suits against the Landlady, The Ageny (Mary) and to get us all of the money we have spent on that place so we can open somewhere else. This is crazy. The old lady had no problem taking the $9000.00 from us for the 3 months rent and her attorney (Barnecut) for HIS fees thats over $10,000.00 PLUS the repairs of the building. SOoooo, Who ever else like the past bartenders we fired who desecrated our name will be in the suit too.
    We will not stand for this. WE ARE GOOD People and dont deserve this. Paul and Paul Jr. and Bald Bob ran that place to the ground. I put up my own life to clean it up and this is what thanks we get from the owner of the building.I am VERY Upset now and i hope we can join together and bring them down. IM SURE the owner will rent out to BAD people as she did in the past and the whole negativity of White Center will start all over again. Drug dealers, prostitution Gang Bangers and flat our BUMS and DRUNKs will come back in there. I don’t want to see that happen. I hope to God that this all irons out to out advantage but i forsee this not to happen.

  12. Joe, if you guys are forced to open elsewhere, please let us know. I want to be there for your opening night. You guys don’t deserve this, and I simply cannot understand how anyone could come into your establishment and think you’ve done anything but a good job. Good Lord, compared to what it was before, it is like night and day.

  13. Joe & Glennis Says:

    I Think this whole entire story from day one from “The Wall” all the way till now should be told to the media to the Public. Everything should be exposed and MAYBE things would change and this would NEVER happen to anyone else ever again.No One should ever go through and feel the dissapointment as Glennis and I are expierencing.

  14. Joe & Glennis Says:

    ANYONE HAVE A BAR FOR LEASE CHEAP?? We just found out just now (3:00pm 4/14) that the Fire department and Liquor Board declaired this building UNSAFE due to fire department regulations, No fire sprinklers system, no pull handle alarms…the works and they were notified back in 2005 or so to do repairs but the Landlord neglected it so Our Attorney was advised and all thios for nothing. The Landlord cannon rent this place out to ANYONE until the Repairs have been made. THIS BUILDING IS UNSAFE!!. Now we are going to sue because of her neglegence and we paid rent for nothing. WOW..how things turn around!
    (happy and Grinning) ~Joe

  15. Hi, Joe looks like you were screwed from the 1st day. The land Lady must have thought that evicting you would get you out without finding out her problem. I hope you do sew her as her lawyer helped get her in this position and you should get some of your money back. Also I am sure there could be proved fraud in this. Jerry should be able to get you some relief. I am sure that a lot of the community will help were they can. Keep us posted and stay in touch. Thanks. Bob

  16. Joe & Glennis Says:

    If anyone could get me a Certificate of occupancy from the DDES or FD and get a lease from the Land lord then i can get the license and stay. Otherwise, we are screwed.