Supporters of Seattle annexation at West Seattle’s Southwest District Council tonight

At the Southwest District Council meeting on behalf of partner site West Seattle Blog, we’re listening to the latest presentation from White Center residents advocating that Seattle annex “Area Y.” This is at least the third time we have seen some form of this presentation on the city side of the line. Tonight, the reps are Don Malo (who says the Highland Park Action Committee will be spotlighting his business at his next meeting) and Lois Schipper, wife of Mark Ufkes, who has been leading many of these appearances but wasn’t able to be at this one. Coincidentally, the audience for their presentation also includes Seattle City Council President Richard Conlin, whose Regional Development and Sustainability Committee just yesterday – as reported here – approved a resolution that puts the city “on the path” to a potential annexation vote in November of next year. (He was previously booked to speak to SWDC about unrelated matters.) He said after their presentation, “These people have been really phenomenal … I’m really supportive of this.” He is predicting a unanimous vote in favor of the resolution when it goes to the full council next week. “They’re ready to vote for this resolution,” he said. During their presentation, Schipper said, “This is about not only what we have to offer to Seattle, but what Seattle would have to offer to us.” Malo said he’s hopeful that when the further financial analysis of potential Seattle annexation comes out next year, the numbers will look better than the recent one, which he pointed out used data from five years ago. Schipper and Malo also hit the point that Roxbury is perceived as an artificial boundary: “We’re already part of your community.” The Southwest District Council members have asked some tough questions too – they’ve just been told by Conlin that Seattle Parks is likely to get hit hard by budget cuts, so they’re wondering what would happen if Seattle annexed Area Y and inherited its park facilities. Schipper and Malo say Seattle-annexation advocates will continue making the rounds of community councils in West Seattle


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3 Responses to “Supporters of Seattle annexation at West Seattle’s Southwest District Council tonight”

  1. Mr. Conlin had much more to say about budget cuts, the need for more money for Seattle libraries and the South Park Bridge. For instance:

    “SOUTH PARK BRIDGE: SWDC co-chair Chas Redmond (from the Morgan Community Association) asked what the city can do to help the businesses that are likely to suffer when the county permanently closes the bridge June 30th. Conlin didn’t offer any specifics but did mention, regarding the ongoing search for money to build a new bridge, “It’s kind of sad that it’s come down to this … I’ve been trying to get the city involved for a long time; we finally have a critical mass in the council ready to (try to help find funding” – toward that point, he mentioned the letter the council recently sent to the county, but acknowledged “There will be an interim period that’s extremely difficult for South Park business folks.”

    Here’s a link to the rest of it:

  2. Joe & Glennis Says:

    Tracy,WhiteCenter,Liz,Heidi,Bob and Everyone!

    For the past 2 months we have been fighting an attorney, James Barnecut of West seattle and the Landlord Sophia Dyment to have us stay here AFTER an agreement we have had with Sophia in which we honored. we went to court, we did everything we were supposed to legally and from our heart from the day we stepped foot in here at the Hang Around (formally “The Wall”). We just came in today and found TWO letters on the door stating we have until the 30th of April to vacate the premise by the Attorney. This is riducules already. How do people allowed to enter agreement from a landlord, fix up the place spending over $50 thousand dollars, put up with all the gossip, loved by the community,and getting kicked around by this attorney and/or landlord like we are criminals and garbage? HOW DARE THEY do this to us. If we werent welcomed here, then WHY did they just say so and we would of left and got another place to have a business. WE GOT RIPPED OFF!!. Now we are asking EVERYONE for help to do something. Our old Bartender “LILY” was fired by us the 3rd week for reasons and now she is at the DK Cafe where she has visitors such as the old owners Paul and Paul JR and BOB (known drug dealer) who are IN FACT talking to Sophia and THATS WHY this is happening.These people MUST BE ARRESTED for burglary and check fraud, but the KC Detectives are taking thier time, anyhow, i Guess the attorney and landlord is OK with Drug Trafficing and Thugs and Riff raff because all of this put together and hearing stories from RELIABLE surces this is true.
    TRACY, Please publish this article and we are Begging for help, either to have us stay here or to have this state take over posession of this building for illegal activities or something. We have had it and we are so hurt we cannot believe this. How Dare they!

    Joe & Glennis

  3. Joe, thanks for the note, I was just about to post about that separately as my husband and I were walking past the Hang Around this afternoon and saw those letters. Will incorporate your comment. – TR