Health department closes Del Rio Food Store in White Center

From the King County Public Health Department this evening:

The *Del Rio Food Store* located at *10230 16th SW, Seattle 98146* was closed by a Public Health food inspector on March 12, 2010 at 2:30 pm for the following critical violations:

* Inadequate handwashing facilities
* Hands not washed
* Handling ready-to-eat foods with bare hands
* Cross contamination not prevented with raw meat storage
* Inadequate hot holding temperatures
* Inadequate cold holding temperatures
* Potentially hazardous foods at room temperature
* Toxic chemicals improperly stored

The establishment will be reopened once the inspector confirms that all issues have been resolved.

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One Response to “Health department closes Del Rio Food Store in White Center”

  1. Now that the wonderful Del Rio restuarant is open again, I just had another great lunch there. Leticia Rohas, the owner of Del Rio, and an active member of the White Center Chamber of Commerce, has initiated exceptional management controls and the health department has given the Del Rio a clean bill of health. The restaurant is open until 5 pm every day. The dining area has been expanded and the White Center Chamber of Commerce will be holding a luncheon meeting at the Del Rio this spring.

    Great job Leticia! I love to eat at your great Mexican restaurant.

    Mark Ufkes, President
    White Center Chamber of Commerce