Review of Asian Markets Coming

One of the best things about White Center is the abundance of great food.  The restaurants offer some of the tastiest array of food from around the world.  What many may have missed are the wonderful Asian markets brimming with fresh fish, tasty meats, exotic fruits, vegetables and sauces.  You can wonder around them for hours and pack away enough fresh ingredients for the choicest of meals.  So, I will be posting a listing and review of Asian markets.  If you have a favorite or a question, send it in and I will try and include it.  Bon appetit!

Typical fare in our wonderful White Center markets

Typical fare in our wonderful White Center markets


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2 Responses to “Review of Asian Markets Coming”

  1. I look forward to updates on all the foods and markets represented in our community; awesome picture by the way…. I would like to hear about the new pho restaurant across the street from the strong hold Viva Mexico….also what about the corn vendor near US Bank, whats the story there, looks like they have a more permanent site. Thanks!

  2. S, We have covered a lot of the restaurants that you mention. I myself did an overview of the Mexican restaurants in the central White Center area. Given the richness found in the Asian markets, I want people to know what treasures they have in this area.

    We are, however, always looking for more contributions, so feel free to contribute your own reviews.