Update from King County Sheriff’s Office: SeaTac shooting arrests

We showed you that video, provided by the King County Sheriff’s Office, while deputies were looking all around the region for the people responsible for that multiple shooting in SeaTac earlier this week. Just got word from KCSO that arrests have been made – read on:

Cops Closing in on SeaTac Shooters;
3 Arrested, One on the Lam

Detectives have arrested three of the four persons they believe are responsible for a brazen, rush-hour shooting on Tuesday April 7th. Two people were wounded in the shooting, one critically,

The driver of the getaway car, age 20, was arrested that day after he was dropped off at Riverton Hospital shortly after the incident. He had sustained a “very serious” gunshot wound to his groin area inflicted when one of his cohorts accidently fired off a pistol he was holding.

The second suspect, age 21, was arrested this morning in Burien by detectives.

The third suspect, 21, was detained in Idaho just before noon by local authorities. Sheriff’s detectives are currently in route to interview him.

Detectives are still investigating the case in hopes of positively identifying and locating the 4th suspect.

The shooting that precipitated these arrests occurred about 4:00 PM on April 7th when a 2000 Cadillac was ambushed as it waited at a red light at S. 188th and International Blvd. Numerous rounds were fired into the car from an AK-47-type rifle as the gunman stood near the sidewalk. The driver was critically injured and the front seat passenger sustained serious injuries from several gunshot wounds. Both remain at Harborview.

Three people were seen on security video getting into the Taurus, driven by a fourth man, immediately after the shooting.

Charges for those arrested are expected next week.

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