Big Storm Coming on Friday

According to our favorite weather guy, Cliff Mass:

Regarding the potential big storm on Friday…it is still there (see latest forecast output attached). Once features like this get within 100 hrs out, I really start to take them seriously. But there is still considerable uncertainty. Run after run now is giving a big storm, and multiple models are showing it as well, but they are still varying widely in timing, position, and to some degree amplitude. Some of the runs are predicting a low center of less than 970 millibars. Around here that is a serious low (although nothing special in the Gulf of Alaska). Someone around here is going to get it. But who? Sort of like a bullet being fired from a shaky rifle…something is going to get hit hard…but we are not sure where.

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2 Responses to “Big Storm Coming on Friday”

  1. Damn I really hope this does not hit. I don’t think I can take another big storm so soon.

  2. I’m with you brother, I am so with you.