Say goodbye to Deputy Hancock – Another casualty of King County financial crisis?

Word is that the King County financial crisis is worse than has been represented by Ron Sims. Cuts to the King County Sheriff’s Office will be much more severe than represented. One of the casualties may be Deputy Jeff Hancock, who took over after the death of Steve Cox. The White Center Sheriff’s store-front and Deputy Hancock’s beat may well be on the chopping block. Expect to hear conflicting accounts from the Sims Office and the Sheriff’s Department.


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3 Responses to “Say goodbye to Deputy Hancock – Another casualty of King County financial crisis?”

  1. I sincerely hope that this doesn’t happen… It feels like we have made great strides in that past few years to improve the safety of our community. It would be a tragedy to backtrack because of this loss.

  2. This would be a huge mistake on Sim’s part. There should be no conflicting stories when it comes to public safety and our neighborhood deputy storefront officers.

    We will not tolerate the pointing of fingers, this isn’t wall street.

    We are not going back to the way we were.

    If this case presents any truth, the budget cuts for Jeff’s salary should come out of his salary by cutting his own hours, or he better dig a little deeper elsewhere.

    I would much rather see Jeff here in our community who is actually doing something for the safety and well being for our community residents then read in the papers about all the wonderful things he is doing any day, and pointing fingers isn’t one of them.

    Our Storefront Deputies are our most valuable personable resources for keeping our communities safe. They matter.

  3. Are we to go back to the days of the wild SW – when it was every man for himself – take cover – Maybe Mr. Sims himself can provide some protection – lets have him come down one evening and walk our streets – and then plead his case for shutting down our community office.