Rossi vs. Gregoire: Who is Better for White Center?

Ok, this is a heavily Democratic neighborhood but there seem to be some Rossi supporters in White Center land?  I am inviting comments on who would be better for White Center, Dino Rossi or Christine Gregoire?  Obviously, we have issues of housing, jobs, health care, affordability, crime, education, sustainability, greenspace etc… And I will gladly share my views.  Forum’s open.  Speak your mind.

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5 Responses to “Rossi vs. Gregoire: Who is Better for White Center?”

  1. Well, I can start off (not that I really have anything to say).

    I’ll preface by saying that politically, I am far to the left of either candidate. And personally, I think Rossi seems like a sleazeball, and I have a bit of a (probably unfair) grudge against Gregoire due to some bad treatment from an Assistant AG when she was AG.

    As a new home “ower” in WC, I would like to live in a neighborhood that’s fun, affordable, interesting, and safe, among other things. Which of the two would help WC be all that I would like? Unfortunately, I haven’t been here long enough to have a handle on all the various programs that are in play, or to feel informed on the annexation issue, for example.

    But I think within the limits of our system, neither one will have the power or the inclination to do what it would take to make a real difference. I think it’s up to us to do it for ourselves, rather than wait for it to trickle down from above.

    I guess this may incense folks who are really invested in being an R or a D and the whole two-party politics horse race, but that’s my take on it.


  2. I believe that Gregoire, while far from perfect, will be better for our health care and education. Like Rick, I recently bought house here and am just now starting to learn about and get involved in this community.

    Ricardo, I’d be happy to hear your take on this.

  3. I think Dino Rossi would be disaster for White Center. Rossi’s priorities pretty much mirror those of the current president. In fact, W is actually better qualified to be governor than Rossi. Rossi has a far right agenda which will set back the urban centers of Washington State. He is anti-public transportation, against the expansion and funding of social programs and is also anti-education. His milieu is the upper class areas of Bellevue. To say that he does not understand, never mind empathize, with the urban diversity of White Center is a mild understatement. I am no great fan of Gov. Gregoire, who I consider a technocrat, but she is, at least willing to set foot in West Seattle and try to understand the needs and problems of the area. Rossi has no such faculty and his policies will reflect a complete neglect for this area. That is why I am backing Gregoire in her bid for re-election. (And anyone who votes against her because she “let the Sonics go” is making a very short-sighted decision.)

  4. I’ve had the oppurtunity to meet the current Gov.Gregoire and being a granma raiseing her granbabies I feel she’ll benefit everyone not only White Center.

  5. Dino Rossi would be so much better. We need a change and as you can see Gregoire has been a failure. She just chose to raise college tuition. Things like this ruin our communities and I think we need Rossi in here. we need some good ol values and morals and to get this place were it needs to be we need someone like Rossi.