WHITE CENTER SHELTER? Permit application under review

Three and a half weeks after the tumultuous public meeting regarding the proposed “emergency shelter” at 10821 8th SW, the county has yet to announce a date for its promised second community meeting. Our inquiries following the discussion at last Thursday’s North Highline Unincorporated Area Council meeting have not yet been answered – we have inquiries out both to the department responsible for the project, and also to King County Council Chair Joe McDermott, who represents this area.

But online records confirm that the county has applied for a permit “to make life safety improvements to operate a temporary emergency overnight shelter” at the ex-Public Health building. The county website shows the intake date as September 28th, less than two weeks after the hearing.

Side note: While reviewing King County Executive Dow Constantine‘s proposed county budget, we also noted that in the full 753-page budget document, page 84 mentions a budget transfer to support “custodial services” in 2017 and 2018 “in White Center for 50 beds per night” and also for the same number of beds in the Administration Building downtown.

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5 Responses to “WHITE CENTER SHELTER? Permit application under review”

  1. Thank you for trying to keep the community up to date. Appears King County and Joe McDermott who represents our district are avoiding giving us any further information until it’s a done deal.

  2. Spoke to Valerie, (designated contact at KC for the WC Shelter project) and was told that the White Center CDA is planning the follow-up meeting to discuss the shelter design. KC did not know when this was to occur. Spoke to a WC CDA staff member who stated the next “community meeting” will possibly happen next Tuesday at 6:00 pm at their office. They stated that they will be inviting only a few community individuals, but stated all members of the community are welcome… However,they do not currently have a plan on how they will inform the rest of the WC community so that they too can attend. Please share with your friends and neighbors.

  3. Thanks, I’ll check with them.

  4. Update: I just talked to Sherry Hamilton, who is a spokesperson for Mark Ellerbrook, the KC housing etc. manager whose department this falls under. She says that whatever the WCCDA told you about, that is NOT the “second public meeting” – she says basically they have not yet scheduled a second community meeting because the building and the change of use permit application are under review and until they find out what it would take to make the building habitable if they were to proceed with this, they have nothing to bring back to the community. Longer story coming up later with more of what she told me – I unfortunately have to rush out to something right now.

  5. This pisses me off!