FOLLOWUP: Work under way at White Center Chevron site; coffee stand moved to new location

Work is starting on the 15th SW/SW 100th site that was White Center Chevron and will become home to coffee and chicken chain outlets (Starbucks and Popeye’s), as first reported here in June. We noticed this morning that the pumps had been cordoned off and a truck full of fencing had arrived; went back this afternoon, and the site was fenced off. We also noticed the coffee stand that has long been on the southwest corner of the lot was gone; thanks to a WCN commenter, we found it one block west, just west of the White Center Chase Bank branch:

The commenter says the stand will reopen there “in a few days.” As for what’s happening on the ex-Chevron site, we’ll just have to keep watching – it’s not clear from the permit files exactly what will happen first – the existing buildings will all be demolished, and the underground tanks will be removed. Starbucks just finally publicly confirmed its plans last week but still refused to say whether this location will be a drive-thru or not. And we have yet to hear back from Popeye’s.

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5 Responses to “FOLLOWUP: Work under way at White Center Chevron site; coffee stand moved to new location”

  1. We don’t need a Starbucks in this neighborhood it’s a family-owned community and needs to stay that way putting a Starbucks here will not change the neighborhood nor will it change the people White Center is its own little community and should and needs to stay that way let’s not forget Starbucks owner sold our Sonics

  2. I don’t know how a Starbucks near the center of the White Center community is in conflict with family. They will create jobs, provide training, provide a meeting place for families and community members. The BH busiest spot on that corner shouldn’t be the Fireworks stand in July.

  3. Good to hear the espresso stand found a new location nearby. I had never bought from that stand, but I will now “just because”.

  4. The stand in fact is now open and we’re publishing an update shortly!

  5. So glad this gas station will be gone. I’m also happy that Starbucks will enter the scene, joining other chain restaurants already in the area. And, of course, happy that the stand-alone coffee stand has made a successful move rather than simply folding.