PHOTOS: White Center Bike Playground is open!

Photos by Leda Costa for White Center Now

A red light operator on the course.

Learning can be fun! Just ask the young riders who helped inaugurate the new White Center Bike Playground in Dick Thurnau Memorial Park today – a place to learn how to ride safely, and joyfully.


Cascade Bicycle Club, the YES! Foundation of White Center, and White Center Community Development Association made it happen – you might recall the community planning meeting back in January. Today’s party offered music, snacks, and some giveaways during the party, including one announced by Senior Director of Education Shannon Koller, with a winner jubilantly raising her hand:


Cascade Fleet Coordinator Stephen Rowley helped riders with some adjustments:

Cascade Fleet Coordinator Stephen Rowley helping raise the bike seat.

The celebration included a Duwamish Tribe member with a song of gratitude:

Cold Water singing a song.

And King County Council chair Joe McDermott pointed out that while this is the first bike playground in the state, it certainly won’t be the last:

King County Council Chair Joe McDermott speaking at the grand opening.

The stars of the show though were the riders:





It will evolve – and those who showed up for the party shared ideas for what else it should include:


Cascade’s Koller told WCN that they hope to have people at the park on the weekends to loan bikes and helmets, to “set up some of the rodeo signs we put out today, do some teaching, potentially do learn to ride if folks are interested in that. Eventually we hope to have summer camps here. We’ve got some high school ride clubs that are nearby, the Major Taylor Project would come out and practice all of these right of way scenarios. It really is for all ages and abilities.”

P.S. If you’re wondering where to find the Bike Playground – Kathy Dunn from West Seattle Bike Connections offered a detailed explanation of how to get there: “If coming from 16th Ave SW, turn east on 107th, go past the White Center Library to 12th Ave SW, jog right one block in front of Mt. View Elementary School, then left at the stop sign onto 108th. Proceed 2 blocks to 10th SW, turn right. Entrance to Dick Thurnau Park is on the left. turn left into the parking lot. The Bike Playground is entered from the very north end of the parking lot where the tennis courts used to be.”


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3 Responses to “PHOTOS: White Center Bike Playground is open!”

  1. Great news. Smart investment. Dick Thurneau would be proud. And to think that some in our community were against this smart use of an underused area of the park.

  2. Mr Ufkes states that this was a good investment and wondered why some people objected to it. As far as i know everyone who attended the meetings was in favor of it as it would be great for the park and kids. Mr Ufkes presents himself as president of the White Center Housing Association which leaves the impression that he represents the home owners of White Center. Years ago several of us White Center Home owners asking him to join it and attend meetings. We were told we were not welcome and it was just a few of HIS FRIENDS that met in his basement to discus things. I think its time to question some of his statements and comments. Thanks

  3. Feeling guilty Bob, now that you see how beautiful the Bike Playground is?