Tonight’s the night: Burien-annexation forum in White Center

Burien leaders are promising informational forums at least once a month between now and the November North Highline annexation vote, and tonight is the first official public event – 6 pm at 3.14 Bakery in downtown White Center. (For a sneak peek at what it might be like, here’s our coverage of their presentation last month at Glen Acres.)

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One Response to “Tonight’s the night: Burien-annexation forum in White Center”

  1. Dear Fellow Voters;
    Please think about what you are voting on.
    Why would any reasonable person want to institute a completely new and additional layer of government; with additional rules, laws, and taxes;
    upon ones self?
    Please consider what will happen.
    This vote on Nov. 6, 2012, has absolutely nothing to
    do with the City of Seattle—-NOTHING!
    The vote on Nov. 6, 2012, is a requested proposal by the City of Burien to have residents in the North Highline
    Unincorporated Area vote either “YES or NO” to join
    their city.
    Again, please consider your vote and remember if we join the City of Burien our property taxes, our business taxes, our utility taxes, will all go up;
    and we will be subject to a completely additional layer of government and will be responsible for all the rules and regulations which that new government will
    impose upon us.
    Please do not vote against your best interests.
    Just THINK! and vote “NO” to joining the City of Burien!
    Thank You