Next White Center Chamber of Commerce lunch meeting on Tuesday

From White Center Chamber of Commerce president Mark Ufkes:

The White Center Chamber of Commerce will have its June luncheon next Tuesday, June 12th at noon at the Salvadorean Bakery located on the corner of Roxbury and 17th Ave. SW. Agenda items will include the status of the Chamber/CDA mural project to date, an update on our new website, discussion on the status of the Homeless Summit effort, Jubilee Days update, and discussions on how Chamber members can assist local youth programming. Traditionally, Chamber luncheons are not held in July or August, and begin again in September, so this is the last Chamber luncheon for the summer.

The new website is in the works at

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2 Responses to “Next White Center Chamber of Commerce lunch meeting on Tuesday”

  1. If you are trying to put a positive light on our community, how about getting rid of the “RAT”.
    I am sure if I was to visit a neighborhood it wouldn’t be one called “Rat City”.
    Nice job on condemning our neighborhood.

  2. Because this is rat city. I find the name charming, and the fact that one of the most popular sport teams in the area spends thousands and thousands of dollars plastering the name Rat City all over the place has helped make it not a negative thing.