CRIME: Shooting in North Shorewood

No arrests yet in a shooting Monday afternoon in North Shorewood, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office. It happened just after 3:30 pm Monday in the 2600 block of SW 110th. KCSO would only say it happened “in or near a garage of a home” and that one person was shot. The area resident who sent the photo said it appeared the victim was a woman and that firefighters/medics said she was critically injured. If you have any information, the KCSO case number to refer to when reporting it is C22027189.

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5 Responses to “CRIME: Shooting in North Shorewood”

  1. And the police upon arrival shot at 3 times the residents family dog who was very friendly and was running around the front yard killing her. RiP Dee OH Gee.

  2. Wow, if that’s true that seems unacceptable to me. WSB/WCN, can you inquire with KCSO?

  3. Shorewood resident Says:

    This home has been a known drug house for the 15 years that we’ve been in the neighborhood. Given this troubling history, the police performed well with a very difficult situation. I sincerely hope the shooter is found, the woman recovers and that the members of this “home/community” seek help. I feel for everyone involved.

  4. This happened less than a block away from where I live. Does anyone know what the cause and resolution were? Did the injured party survive? Was this self defense, accidental, or some sort of interpersonal dispute? (Does anyone have a link to a real news article?)

  5. Seattle Cattle Dog Says:

    I live by here also and haven’t been able to find any actual information from the news, but I did see this posting on Ring from someone who apparently knows the homeowner. Not sure how reliable this is though since no other info has been posted…

    “ How horrible for everyone involved. Home owner does not know the woman or the man that shot the woman. Home owners son was assisting the woman when a male drove up asking for help. The woman knew the male. Home owners son left the garage so they could talk. The man and woman began to argue. The male shot the woman once in the back, ran out of the garage and told the son to call 911 and took off. The son called 911 and applied first aid. Cops arrived. Sons dog was shot and killed… update on the woman. She was shot from the back into the neck. She is now paralyzed.”