VIDEO: Holy Family Bilingual Catholic School students protest gun violence

(Also published on partner site West Seattle Blog)

Students across the country demonstrated Thursday and Friday to plead for an end to gun violence, days after the massacre in Uvalde, Texas. Among today’s protests was a walkout Friday morning organized by the Student Council at Holy Family Bilingual Catholic School. Participating students left their classrooms at 9 am to demonstrate outside the school at 20th and Roxbury.

They began with a prayer, followed by a student-written poem:

Walker Mae read the poem, “How Many More?” (the author wished to be anonymous), after Rianna led the prayer. Then the students stood in silence for 10 minutes.

Rianna is the Student Council president and invited us to cover the demonstration, explaining, “We are demonstrating that we are against school shootings, gun violence, and to show support to all the lives lost due to this tragedy.”

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  1. How Many More?