NO RAPIDRIDE UNTIL NEXT YEAR: Another schedule change for Metro

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The conversion of Metro Route 120 into RapidRide H Line is being pushed back again. Metro has just announced that instead of launching this fall, the H Line won’t arrive until March 2023: “Unforeseen construction and materials delays from the regional concrete strike that began in early December 2021 have added several months to the original timeline of the RapidRide H Line project.” The announcement adds, “Under the revised implementation schedule, Metro plans to add more daily bus trips to coincide with the launch of the RapidRide service in March 2023, which will then improve frequent service to provide a bus trip in both directions every seven minutes during peak commute times.” Metro says that “approximately 40% of the overall construction work” has been completed so far. The Avalon/35th/Alaska repaving project that SDOT handled was in support of the expected launch. This is the fourth time the launch has been pushed back – the conversion of Route 120 was originally projected for 2019, then that was pushed to 2020, then to 2021, and then a year and a half ago, changed to 2022.

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2 Responses to “NO RAPIDRIDE UNTIL NEXT YEAR: Another schedule change for Metro”

  1. Does this mean 15th Ave. SW will remain closed at 107th and Roxbury for another year?!

  2. Also along Ambaum!? That too has been under construction- seems like forever.