FIREWORKS: Sales begin for last legal holiday in North Highline

The last season of legal fireworks-selling in unincorporated King County has begun. That stand by Roxbury Lanes is one of multiple fireworks stands that opened today. The rules allow sales 9 am-11 pm daily through the 4th of July (Sunday), and the 4th is the only day you can legally set them off (9 am to midnight). Starting next year, fireworks will be completely banned in unincorporated King County, as they are in jurisdictions neighboring White Center – Burien, Seattle, and Tukwila.

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2 Responses to “FIREWORKS: Sales begin for last legal holiday in North Highline”

  1. Buttercup Says:

    It’s a start. Now how do we stand strong about fireworks brought into the area?. Instead of bitchin’ nd complaining, what can we do as a group to help SPD while the take care of shootings, car rollovers, robberies on that night. There must be something we can do.

  2. Stock up for New Year Eve. The ban doesn’t
    start until April. I think Seatac still is going to sell.