WHITE CENTER CRIME WATCH: Robbery investigation

The King County Sheriff’s Office isn’t providing details but does confirm that Bartell Drugs at 15th/Roxbury was robbed this afternoon. Scanner traffic at the time indicated that the robber was suspected to have fled north into West Seattle, so deputies searched for a while, with a K9 team helping. No word of an arrest so far. We also don’t know whether the robber targeted the pharmacy – in West Seattle, at least three pharmacies have bren held up in the past week, and Seattle Police believe there are links to what they call a regional series of holdups.

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2 Responses to “WHITE CENTER CRIME WATCH: Robbery investigation”

  1. Apparently no one at Bartells was hurt. Do you have any info yet on whether or not the robber has been caught?

  2. It was still an “open case” in my dialogue with the KCSO spokesperson, who would not release any further information.