UPDATE: Another White Center shooting

12:59 AM: For the second time in less than 7 hours, somebody’s been shot in White Center. Only very early information so far – deputies are out searching the area. The dispatch was to 16th/100th. No further details yet.

1:28 AM: The King County Sheriff’s Office confirms one person was shot, a male victim reported to be in stable condition and taken to Harborview Medical Center. No one’s in custody. The location is now descrbed as the 10600 block of 16th SW.

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9 Responses to “UPDATE: Another White Center shooting”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Yes there was another shooting around 12:30 am at the car wash one transported to the hospital.

  2. Many of us were watching the aftermath from the Saars parking lot. The cash wash was taped off. The deputies were announcing for the suspect to give himself up and a K9 search over their squad loudspeakers.

  3. Christina Kindwall Says:

    It was definitely the same gun
    I heard it very close to my home

  4. There were 3 shootings in the neighborhood yesterday.
    The one about 5pm which I was standing about 100 yards from when it happened. I dropped my stuff and ran for my car. The 1am incident last night, and one more where nobody was shot earlier last night. I have video of me walking to the car when gunshots erupted on 16th ave at 9:49 pm. I live close to where all three shootings happened.

  5. King County better step things up. I think were going to be in for a crazy summer. Better to be prepared.

  6. So could this be gang members fighting for drug dealing areas . Is it the group of people that have been robing the pot shops having a falling out of sort’s . Is it people talking trash to each other and using a gun(most likely stolen) to fight their battles .

    Schools out so all the middle school and high school aged kids are out on street (parents don’t care or can’t control them) . Just like summer time shootings happen and car prowling starts to happen more . For some these kids that want to live that hardcore thug life . Where they die by the age 30 or are in prison for life .

    It sucks someone die and another one is in the hospital . But what cause them to get shot was it random or did they do something wrong . What is their life story are they a good person or were they another couple of thugs that unfortunately made the wrong choices in life .

  7. wseakell Says:

    Has there been any update on either shooting from yesterday? Any suspect(s) in custody?
    Very unnerving to have two shootings in one day so close to home and not know what is being done to find the person(s) responsible and to keep these shootings from happening all summer.

  8. KCSO is investigating. I’ve asked for any further details, none forthcoming so far.

  9. I think I just heard another 2 gunshots