TONIGHT, TOMORROW: Gun-safety summit at Greenbridge

As announced by the King County Council:

In the wake of decades of Congressional inaction, the King County Board of Health is hosting a groundbreaking two-night summit on the prevention of gun violence. Beginning Tuesday evening, leaders from public health, affected residents, and the health community will join local advocates and policy makers for the most comprehensive gathering of gun violence research, data, and program work in the history of the Pacific Northwest.

Building upon legislation sponsored by King County Councilmembers Joe McDermott and Jeanne Kohl-Welles last summer, the summit will spotlight regional efforts to prevent gun violence through a public health approach.

This is happening at the YWCA Greenbridge Learning Cenner (9720 8th SW), 6-8:30 pm tonight and tomorrow.
Participants: Representatives from the Dept. of Public Health, Harborview, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Alliance for Gun Responsibility, Moms Demand Action, community leaders working with youth, gun violence survivors, and elected officials from King County, Seattle, and surrounding communities.

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One Response to “TONIGHT, TOMORROW: Gun-safety summit at Greenbridge”

  1. Jimmy Jones Says:

    I am a gun violence victim and survivor.
    It’s taken far too long for our leaders in local, state and federal government to take significant action to protect our loved ones, our schools and our communities from becoming victims of gun violence.
    My mother was a victim of domestic violence during a situation where she already had a protection order in place against the perpetrator who sadly used a gun to take her life.
    He had already been detained previously for acts of violence against my mother and even though the police knew about his previous attempts to harm my mother and our family he was still able to get bailed out of jail, obtain a weapon!
    My mother worked on the University of Washington campus where their security also had been alerted to be on the lookout for this violent person, yet there were no significant safeguards in place to protect her and her coworkers from being harmed.
    not only did he use a gun to take my mother’s life he then carjacked a passerby, took that person hostage and holed up in his house for several hours during a police / hostage standoff situation.
    This was in 1974!
    It angers and saddens me at the same time that we are still talking about gun violence against women, gun violence in our schools and gun violence in our communities, especially when there is a history of violence by the perpetrators. Yet these violent criminals are still able to obtain firearms where they continue to commit these violent Acts.
    It’s time for “we the people” to make a stand and take a critical look at amending the 1st amendment and our right to bear arms, especially the right to carry a concealed weapon.
    I’m all for protecting your home and your family but we need to step up as a community and pass a law that makes sense for obtaining firearms in the future