WHITE CENTER FOOD: Brass Knuckle Bistro closing

After a year in downtown White Center, Brass Knuckle Bistro (9602 16th SW) is closing. Proprietor Case Justham announced it tonight:

In short, we’re closing at the end of the month, with our last day being Saturday April 27th. I apologize for the shocking speed, the deal we ended up making (more on that shortly) required both a quick close and a few contingencies that needed to be satisfied, which left us with a very short window between announcing the closure and turning over the keys. We’ll be open our normal hours until the 27th, and updating our menu as we sell out of things (I have enough inventory to keep most of the vegan menu till the end, and we’ll continue to prep fried and smoked chicken, while allowing things like ham and pastrami to sell out).

Closing was not an easy decision, business had been good and getting better, and we’ve had a great time in White Center making delicious food, meeting friendly people, and being part of a fabulous community, but between the fact that I like cooking a whole lot more than I like managing, and some very sudden change in my personal circumstances (I’m going to have to move, twice, ugh), it feels like the best choice.

Now, the sweet:

We’ve got a great buyer taking over, an iconic local spot that will be a perfect fit for the neighborhood, that I’m sure everyone will be extremely excited about. I’ll let them introduce themselves with their own announcement, but it’s not a secret if you come in and ask!

Also in the sweet column, I’m far from done with the local food scene, and have retained the rights to Brass Knuckle Bistro and all the associated recipes and such, so your favorites aren’t gone for good, though I can’t currently say what form they may reappear in (I’m leaning towards pop-ups and small events where I can focus on the cooking and not the managing). I’ll be retooling the website and Facebook page with updates on that, so please continue to check in and see what I’m up to.

I also realized that I have 50+ pages of recipes that I developed for the shop, many of them completely original, not including all the variations and employee meal creations that never quite made it to the menu, so I’m putting together a little cookbook that should be available on Amazon sometime in the next few months. Yes, it will include my vegan mushroom bacon recipe! Again, I’ll be updating the website and social media as that develops, so stay tuned.

Finally, I just wanted to say that for all the difficulties that this restaurant odyssey has entailed, it’s also been a lot of fun and I’m glad I did it, and I appreciate every single person who’s come in and enjoyed my food (with the exception of the guy who two starred me on Yelp on opening weekend, screw that guy), and thank you to the entire White Center community, who’ve been nothing but supportive. Onward and upward!

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7 Responses to “WHITE CENTER FOOD: Brass Knuckle Bistro closing”

  1. Sorry to see you go. Am hoping the “iconic local spot” is Bakery Nouvaux….

  2. Interesting guess, though even as iconic as they are, West Seattle AND White Center AND Burien would seem like saturation. P.S. If you haven’t already tried Fresh Flours just a bit north of White Center … they have awesome baked goods too. And my co-publisher is totally in love with Good Day Donuts … and a big fan of Patrick’s Café/Bakery … but I digress…

  3. Terry Smith Says:

    Sorry to see you go. Thanks for all the great Sandos!

  4. totally not surprise that it is closing, since when I went and ate their I was surprised by the amount of meat that was not on the sandwich, the sandwich was mostly bread. Not sure what people mean by saying it is ‘iconic” since to me ‘iconic” means a place that has been part of white center for a very very long time.
    I’m sorry to hear your business was not a success, but it was great that you followed your dream to open up a business in the first place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Love these people. They treated me and all my family right. White Sunday that we’ll always remember! Thank you!

  6. Really sad news – this place was delicious. I just passed by and there’s a sign on the door saying the replacement spot is going to be a Biscuit Bitch.

  7. Thanks for that update! Will check on that sign after the WC meeting we’re covering right now.